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social media in a vacuum

Any suggestions or advice for someone (myself ) who hates to self promote, and just started twitter? I can’t help but feel a bit gross every time I use it, and it’s only been a couple of days.

I guess the key question is: what do you want to use it for?

what do you use it for?

Depends on what you want to promote.

Primarily getting my work out into the world… A friend at work had asked if I was putting my illustrations on social media, and I hadn’t been outside of millarworld and deviantart. I am admittedly atrocious at social media.

I dunno. I hate Tweeter. My guess is to follow a couple of folks you enjoy, and then emulate what they do in your own voice.

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I’m hating it as well… essentially my approach is to follow some artists and bands I like, reply to any posts I have an opinion on, and post my own work now and again while trying not to feel gross.

That’s the nature of Tweeter. Are you on Facebook? Most who have to pimp also manage to talk about other stuff, and it seems much more interactive. Take a look at the way Jimmy Palmiotti posts. About 25% projects, the rest other stuff. Tweeter is like going for a drive in the country and looking only at the billboards.

Not on Facebook. I have/had? a band and we used Facebook. Used it for my art as well. Never really grow beyond friends and family. Social media makes a great deal of sense if you already have a following…it’s a great paradox. I’ll likely let it ride for another week then ignore it until I can get a booth at the next coming convention.

Folks I know spend a lot of time beating the drum. I’d suggest a FB page dedicated to a project or “name”. Separate from a family/friends regular account. People want a place to “go see more”. Great luck!


Thank you!

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Why do you feel gross?

It could either be the soap I use, or that I much prefer to just sit at my table working on comics without interacting with the Internet, current forum excluded of course. I completely lack the part of my brain that allows confident self promoting, and learning to navigate through that makes me feel icky

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Ah well I wouldn’t think of it as self promotion so much as participating in a community.

That is a good point. I have a habit of letting the panic that I’m not doing enough creep in

Check out @mattgarvey1981’s Twitter feed. That dude knows how to flog his wares.


Among other things. :wink:


Yeah, I give them away! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Like a dead horse?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not exactly.

ref “Deadpool” …

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…or your log. :wink:

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