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So, you are at a comic con…


…,walking down artist alley and you see me flogging my wares.
I have quite a few books…
The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #1
The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #2
The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #3
The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #4

They all look interesting, reasonably priced (all my comics are £3.00 each) but you are unsure which one to go for and give a try…

Then you spot a 76 paged slim trade paperback that includes all #1s for all three of CHUNKS, TRANSFER & The Adventures of Cordelia Swift.
As a taster, if you will…its priced at £6.00, so in theory you are getting three comics for r the cost of two.
Would that interest you?

Just thinking out loud here…



Does it involve a coupon to have a pint with the author?

(No, but thats a great idea)


if you are buying i’ll have a pint with you! :wink:


I don’t know, they are quite admirably different properties. Would it just be easier to do a 3 for 2 offer on the issues?


That’s a great idea. Do it for the #1s only.


At the last con i did a bundle deals for #1 & #2 of CHUNKS and #1 & #2 of Swif, which was all for books, a free print and the chance to win a CHUNKS mug.
(it worked)
But this time i have 7 comics to sell, so i though a “taster” book might be nice to hook people in…its got a little bit of everything…plus it might be nice to send out to editors to so my RANGE! :wink:


And it comes with a coupon!


one in the back for x-rays specs too …oh and a hypno coin! :smiley:


that’s what i was thinking…


Sounds good to me. By forcing it to be the #1’s, you can get people to try something they may not otherwise have.


“Cant decide on what to have for the main course, Sir/Madam?
May i suggest the Garvey-verse tasting menu?
It has a little bit of everything…
Steampunk murder mystery, with a string female lead, Body swapping sci-fi and Inappropriate toilet humour…whats not to like?”


The other good thing about this is that i have found myself selling about 30% more #1s than i did for #2 of CHUNKS & Swift at the con…leaving me with odd numbers…which i know was a rookie mistake (its all a learning process) so i thought this might help level the playing field with numbers.


I think that’s going to happen anyway. Even if you look at the Big 2, the drop off for issue #2 is generally pretty staggering.

You should be able to manage it through what you do and do not reorder though.


Well i was lucky.
I had some people come buy #1s on Friday or Saturday and then come back the next for #2 the next day, its swings and round abouts…
I just want to try and offer something a little different…for new potential readers.


I think you’re doing well. I think most people getting in underestimate the amount of hustle it takes to make it in this business.

I wish @VictorC was still around. I think the two of you would have a lot to talk about.


That’s awesome :thumbsup: . Proof that people like what you’re doing.


Brilliant idea Matt. Sort of a comicbook tasters menu. Like it.


I’m really working hard at trying to get my comics into people’s hands.
That’s why I came up with this idea, I was crunching numbers about doing a Cordelia Swift trade. But thought, well, if i have returning customers at the next MCM con, they have already bought #1 & 2, I’ll have #3& hopefully four to sell, so they’ll just want those ones, presumably and asking a brand NEW reader to buy the trade, yes will be cheaper than picking up all four issues, but that’s still a big ask to get a new reader to bu a trade from a unknown writer…but a taster TPB of #1might hook them…


I’ve been to a few cons, and observed the inhabitants. Most people walk glassy-eyed past booth after booth, on total entertainment overload. They want to find a pristine copy of X-Men #1 for ten bucks.

Counter-program a bit. Folks go for bright colors and lots of images. Warm, welcoming colors. Maybe free pineapple chunks on toothpicks - from time to time, make it steady and you’ll just get bent over. Intermittant reinforcement works best. (IOW, put the Scoobie snacks out at odd intervals, not every hour, or you’ll just get pigeons.)

The trick seems to be that folks who are there to see and be seen keep moving. They may seem to look at your booth, but if they are moving, let them go. It’s like sleepwalking. What you want is to draw people towards you and slow. When they slow down or stop, you got 'em.

Use whatever works!



I can’t hear you over all the sugar! :joy:

In the con I did in May I did really well, sold over 200 books, but I wanted to try something new and I thought a taster comic would be original :wink: