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So we're watching the Batman TV show


The Adam West show that is. It’s very popular here at Stately Millar Manor because it’s incredibly child friendly and we’ve watched all three seasons A LOT in the last six months, but I found a disc from season 3 today that I hadn’t seen before. Joan Collins as The Siren. I don’t know how I missed this, but it’s not talked about much and just sharing. Slightly disturbing scene, which freaked out one of my kids, where a hypnotised Bruce Wayne is fighting Robin, but otherwise great…



This show and the original Fantastic 4 and Spider-Man cartoons were my superhero staples as a kid. I remember watching in amazement as Batman seemed to have a dedicated computer in the bat cave for every conceivable problem. At the time this struck me as excellent planning.

I also liked the George Reeves Superman bar the annoying fact there were no super villains. On a DC note I never saw the Super Friends repeated. I can recall sifting through a pile of new comics in the newsagent and putting Byrne era X-men aside for the super friends comic.


There was, and still is, something so very appealing about the 60s Batman show.

I loved the bright colours and good natured spirit.

Most of all though, I loved the revolving villains and looking forward to seeing who we were going to get next. Whilst I was always excited by the Joker, it was great seeing some of the more obscure villains pop up.

It’s been a while since I last watched it, it would be ideal viewing with my wee boy in maybe a year or so.
His bizarre Star Wars obsession (he’s 18 months and it started back November) is starting to fade slightly, although he still asks for it each morning.

I had him watching Guardians of the Galaxy for about 20 mins yesterday, so that could be his new thing. Obviously he has no idea what is happening, I think it’s the sound and character design that catches his attention.

So, in saying that, Batman with the bright costumes maybe worth a try now.


I started my lad on it when he was two and he loves it. His sister (who’s a couple of years older) really enjoys it too - and we haven’t even got to Batgirl in season three yet! :slight_smile:


Has it been put out on Blu Ray or DVD yet? I’d buy the entire series if so.


Yep, all three series were released on Blu-Ray and DVD in late 2014. It’s a really nice set, well worth picking up. The Blu-Ray in particular looks stunning and really shows off the amazing production design.


Love that show - Like Will, I’d happily buy a remastered BR complete boxed set of it.

Also stupidly tempted by the 60s Batman Lego set


It does look incredibly cool though!


Here we go:

You’ve got no excuse now. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Sanjay, post:7, topic:5202”]
Also stupidly tempted by the 60s Batman Lego set[/quote]
It’s the moustache on the Joker that really makes it. :smiley:


Yes, that 'tache is a genius little touch.

Ha! Cheers Dave.

Adds to the stack

I should be ready to watch this in 2018!


Ordered and should be here Saturday! Thanks!


You’re welcome. Prepare to have that theme tune running through your head for ever. :slight_smile:



It’s already been running through my head for about 42 years or so ;).


Someone asked this a while back, and I sort of have an answer. There was a Riddler (Gorshin) episode, early I think, where Bruce Wayne twice mentioned his parents being murdered. The fascinating facts tend to show up in shots within Wayne Manor. One ep, for instance, Aunt Harriet says that Bruce’s grandfather founded Skull & Bones. That series is nowhere as “innocent” as some folks may believe.


Amazes me how they got away with Yvonne Craig wearing this:

Saving grace of “Surf’s Up! Joker’s Under!”