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So, uh, hey, I'm getting published by Image Comics


I was chatting about this in another thread, but since I’m going slightly off subject, I thought I’d create a separate thread here.

So, yeah, on December 28th, I’m going to be published by Image Comics.

I’m sure as all you guys know, every year Top Cow Productions runs the Top Cow Talent Hunt.

I entered for three years and I was a Writing Runner-Up in the Top Cow Talent Hunt 2014 - 2015.

The Winners got to do a complete one shot, while the Runners-Up got to write a six to eight page story.

Well, in under a month, the strip I wrote is going to appear in the CyberForce: Artifacts #0 one shot.

I’ve been on the Millarworld board for a long time and I’ve even met up with a few folk off here in person.

I’ve been an aspiring writer for many years and I’ve always loved comics. I studied Screenwriting as an undergraduate and a postgraduate. However, by the time I was studying my Masters Degree at Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh I’d kinda lost my way. I thought I might try writing for television or film, I just didn’t know.

But Mark Millar came in as a guest speaker and it reminded me that comic books are something I truly do love and that’s where I should focus my energies.

He mentioned a project he couldn’t talk about, which turned out to be CLiNT and suggested people join the Millarworld board. And I did. I’ve been on here ever since.

I tried submitting for Space Oddities, and while none of my strips made it in, it gave me the chance to work with artists and the experience led me to pursue writing in the indie and small press, where I have been published.

And I’ve also tried to enter every talent hunt I’ve come across.

So, I guess that’s why I’m sharing this here, because being on Millarworld has been an important part of my journey.

Oh, and because I wanted to share that Matt Hawkins has revealed on his Twitter that there is going to be a Top Cow Talent Hunt 2017.

You can find the post on Twitter here;

The Talent Hunt is going to be focusing on Think Tank, Tithe and Postal.

The official rules won’t be announced until the Summer during the San Diego Comic Con, but this gives any artists and writers out there a chance to properly research those titles.

I did a ton of research on the Top Cow shared universe and it eventually paid off for me. It might not guarantee you success, but I like to think careful research gives you an advantage.

The Top Cow Talent Hunt was a wonderful experience for me, so I hope some of you consider entering next year.

I hope a few of you consider picking up CyberForce: Artifacts #0 when it’s published on December 28th too.

Millarworld Annual Submission. Who submitted?

Hey man congratulations! I’ll be picking it up to see what you’ve come up with :wink:


That’s awesome congrats!


Congratulations Paul. Thanks for sharing this.


Congratulations @PaulPennaWriter and thanks for the heads up. I just followed your link where you can buy a Top Cow bundle which gives the research material you suggested and a lot more for $1 to $15. Cheers.


This is great news man. Congrats and good for you. :smile:


That’s wonderful news, congratulations, buddy!


Well done, Paul!


That’s fantastic news Paul. Congratulations.


Good for you Paul! I look forward to reading your story. Thanks for the post, it has given me some hope to know that these talent searches can give us great opportunities.


For real, very cool.


The strip looks great, too.

I was lucky enough to get paired with Jim Towe, who has since been picked up as the new artist for Youngblood which is relaunching next year.

It’s really surreal seeing Rob Liefeld say online how excited he is to be working with this great new artist, who I’ve had a chance to work with first. Absolutely bizarre.




Woooop! Woooop! It’s the sound of you kicking butt!

Great work there, Paul.


Great job!


Beautiful work!


Congrats, that’s awesome! Hopefully it’s the first of many.




I hope so too, although I doubt I’ll be getting any more work through Top Cow Productions.

They only put out a small number of books through Image Comics, and they already have a lot of talented writers working for them.

I’m going to put together a portfolio of my work consisting of this one shot and my small press work and send it off to editors at places like Marvel Comics.

Plus I’m going to keep visible by continuing on with my small press and indie projects.

But, honestly, as a writer, it is very difficult to get further writing gigs even if you have proven yourself. There are just so many other talented folk out there, all trying to do what you’re trying to do.

The best I can probably hope for, is an editor to get back to me, and say ‘we’ll keep an eye on what you do next’. Because it’s just not a case of you being talented and lucky enough to get one job, it’s about you being good enough to get a second and then a third, and ever onward.

That’s the challenge which is ahead of me now.

The best thing probably to do is not wait to be handed a job.

The most successful writer to come out of the Top Cow Talent Hunt that I can think of is Amit Chauhan because after doing The 13th Artifact one shot with his artist partner; Eli Powell, he went and pitched a series to IDW Publishing called Yakuza Demon Killers which is in comic shops now.

So, the best thing I can think to do, is work up some pitches and hopefully find some talented artists to collaborate with, which is something of a challenge in itself.


Their original 2004 contest produced Drew Melbourne, who although never actually getting his winning concept published by Top Cow ended up doing ArchEnemies at Dark Horse, and also popularizing Double Steak Day. If the latter can ever be topped by a Top Cow Talent Search winner, I’d certainly like to see it happen.