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So tonight I started working on a Millarworld sequel


A little book called Superior.

I loved this book. It was a passion project and I had an idea for three volumes, but have always waited until they were just right and… Well, now the story feels cooked. It’s worked out really well and I guarantee you will not be able to guess where the story goes from here.

On sale early in the new year. All the sequels finally getting done now all the initial arcs on my franchises up and running. Superior movie news for everyone very soon too on top of the announcement a few months back about our screenwriters…


Wow! This is unexpected and great news. Assuming with Leinil?

The villain in Superior remains my all time favourite villain of Millarworld.


Can’t wait. I love all the Millarworld properties but have an even stronger connection to this one.


Because youre secretly a monkey astronaut demon??



There’s no secret. he’s quite open about it.


You want superpowers? :wink:


I thought that was @Todd.


I mean… In a way, were all secretly monkey astronaut demons, arent we Bruce? :thinking:


I’ve had a ‘Superior’ idea for a while, but as this was not a title for amateur mauling in this year’s Annual, maybe it would be available next year? Maybe something to enhance, not deconstruct!

Write Leinil the Sistine Chapel to draw! In 3D! With funny animals!


Nobody will guess where this story goes.

It’s actually incredibly simple and works really well.



Is this still happening? I’m on the edge of my seat for the Kick-Ass and Hitgirl news. But a Superior Trilogy seems SO SICC