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So I'm reading the Millarworld New Talent Annual today...


…and it’s so, so, so so good.

Chrononauts is all drawn, Hit-Girl is finished as is American Jesus and Kick-Ass. We’re waiting on the last couple of pages of Starlight and the last page of Kingsman, but we’re in really nice shape since we’re not out until July. Off to the printers in June, but should all be coloured and fully lettered within the next two weeks.

Well done again to everyone involved and to everyone who entered. Remember we’ll be launching our next talent search for the 2017 annual this coming September again.

Your pal,


Can’t wait to read it. Used to love the Christmas specials with all the short 5 and 6 page stories . In fact my favorite Superman story is Ex Machina featured here


Really looking forward to it, is there a cover yet?


Yep :slightly_smiling:



Yeah the cover winner was Satine Zillah and from what I’ve seen it’ll be damn good !


It’s amazing. She’s done Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. Will post it up soon when we’re getting stuff ready for the solicits.



So pumped to see this.


That’s great news, I’m so corious about another writers working in Millarworld, can´t wait.

And once again thank you for this great inititive!


Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to see everyone else’s stories


Can’t wait to see yours bud!


Thanks, sir!


@Mark_Millar - Mark, maybe you’ll come back to a thread started so long ago. Local news just interviewed Tina Fey and Margot Robbie. Turns out Ms. Robbie was a big fan of the ski areas of Breckenridge, Enough to ski a bunch, get ripped, and find herself outside “without pants”.

I know you said you fancied her, and I think she’s great as well (for a kid). The way she’s going, she’s headed straight for superstardom, a la JLaw. Best snag her right away for a MW movie before she gets too pricey! Hmmm …
“Empress” Robbie?