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So I started watching Daredevil at the weekend...


I’ve no idea why this has taken me so long. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve even had the new Alan Moore LOEG to read. THAT’S how mental things have been.

But this is so good. Arrow and Flash I hear good things about, but haven’t had a chance to dip into. I gave Agents of SHIELD 5 mins and instantly knew it wasn’t for me (please don’t tell me it gets better, I can tell instantly if I’m going to dig something and this made the mistake of all being characters not created by Stan, Jack or Steve).


I don’t know why I was holding off. Super-TV doesn’t really interest me much. TV ITSELF doesn’t really interest me much. But this is fantastic. Daredevil, Foggy and Karen all beautifully cast.

I love this! Watched first 3 and back into more tonight in that hour between kids sleeping and us passing out!



Were the 5 mins of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to try and see your “credit” as inspiration for the show?
Can’t remember who else besides you, Hitchy, Steranko and Quesada.

You can feel Matt’s exhaustion during the fight in episode 2 . . . "Another one?, right . . . "


‘Daredevil’ is a slow burn, maybe a little too slow in places, but I like the vast majority of it a lot more than I expected.

Foggy has grown on me, I didn’t think he was quite right in the first episode, but either he grew into the role fast or I just plain changed my mind.

Karen is a great performance. You can tell she grabbed the role with both hands, feet and her teeth.

And of course, you still have more people to meet. :slight_smile:


By the end of episode 2 I knew that this show would own me.

Charlie Cox is great as Matt Murdock. They need to get him in the Civil War movie.


I still have a couple of episodes to go until the end but I’m still enjoying it quite a bit. Well-cast, and with a faithfulness to the comics that ends up serving it very well. It’s also a nice departure in tone for Marvel’s live-action outings.

I’m already looking forward to the other Netflix series.


Ha! I only heard about that a few weeks after the show had started. I don’t have any interest in these things and had nothing to do with show so if anything it feels a bit weird.

No, I just watched the first 5 mins as it was on regular telly. It didn’t hook me at all. Like a series set in Gotham city without Batman.

Oh wait :smile:


DD was great, and shows just how much of a strange hold Marvel has on everything.

I’d have to agree with you that SHIELD just wasn’t for me either.I know others like it, but it felt more like ‘CSI: SHIELD Division’ to me than anything else.

I felt like it was really cool how DD gave the occasional reference to Avengers when they referenced events like ‘New York’. It helps make the universe feel all tied together to me.

I don’t have any real complaints about the show… and I’m really looking forward to when they eventually add some of DD’s other enemies into the mix.


Daredevil’s great. It may spoil you for Arrow though. I enjoy Arrow, to varying degrees, but it’s hard to take it’s Smallville-esque moody conversations as seriously after Daredevil.

Flash is a lot of fun though and I say that as (possibly because I’m) someone who doesn’t give a fig about the Flash.


Cox has said who he wants to be in the second season (note he’s an actor and has no say in producing the show) is to have Elektra (after the hints at College)in it, and maybes introduce the Punisher to the Marvel NetFlix universe.


I’m six in and i am so happy my favorite characters has been brought to the screen with so much love and respect.
It’s dark, its gritty, it’s Daredevil, baby.
Not to be confused with: Daredevil Baby…i don’t think that show would work.


I think it would depend on the guest stars…


I’m five or six in and really enjoying it. The tone is so different from the Marvel movies, it just re-emphaiszes how confident these guys are now. They can do what they want.

Looking forward to Alias, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

I really like Arrow and the Flash. There is a little CW melodrama in them, but they are essentially very good shows.

The Arrow is more or less making no qualms about being a Batman show that stars Green Arrow. Like, whole plots lifted right from classic Batman comics.


I was so hooked after episode 2 that I watched 3 and 4 on my little iphone 3 at 5AM while my family slept in the hotel room when we were at the East Coast Comicon. Can’t wait to see what they do with Luke Cage and Iron Fist.


I’m loving Daredevil. Sheena and I are up to Episode 10 or 11. After every episode, she begs to watch more as she’s more of a binge watcher than I am. It’s amazing how visceral the show is. Sheena squeals during some of the parts on the show and she’s not really the squeamish type.

I love how well Daredevil fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It took me the most part of the first episode to realize that some of the things they were talking about were linked to what happened in Avengers. It’s really a blueprint of how to do this and what made me think Jupiter’s Circle could work as a TV show.

Any chance someone could re-post the Daredevil Easter Egg link? I know it’s buried somewhere in the other thread but I’m not sure I want to dig that much.


DAREDEVIL - Every Easter Egg & Reference


Thanks, Scott.


I am with Mark on not being interested in TV much less super-TV, but the reasons I am not into TV are all on display here, for me: I find the show ponderous, repetitive, visually uninteresting, cynical, cheesy, formulaic, all that stuff. I was hoping it would be more episodic in nature rather than basically a 12-hour movie, and more engaging. (I am 5 or 6 episodes in)

The level of violence is something I find to be juvenile in a “M-rated video game” way, but it is an interesting counterpoint to the Marvel films which completely sanitize the violence. The idea of violence as something repulsive that has consequences isn’t really explored with live-action superheroes. So there’s that.

And I do like the Kingpin and the guy plays Urich too.


Absolutely. The super-arcs for the first three seasons pretty much mirror the Nolan Bat-films.


I’m largely uninterested in TV too. I do like Daredevil though. TV ideally allows for a bit more development and a larger cast than a film. So I do like when things are planned toward an arc rather than a pure formula.


Try “Agent Carter” if you have tha chance, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” are working on what’s going on in the movies, so they are boring untill it comes the new marvel movie, and for a few episodes it works fine, then boring again