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So I picked up a VHS video-recorder!!!!


And a Sharp MZ-80K computer for my office. Computer not here yet, but the video is mine.

Every day my study gets a little more like The Doctor’s TARDIS…


Hey, that looks like my old VCR. Did you buy it from a charity shop in Clondalkin in Dublin?


I know where you can get some good deals on VHS tapes. It seems like every yard sale and junk shops in the US has loads of them that they’re just waiting to unload on someone.

I’ll be curious to see what your experience is trying to rewatch old VHS tapes. VHS is a magnetic medium and it will actually “bleed” across the layers unless it is regularly “unpacked”, watched/fast forwarded and rewound.


I still have every single one of my old VHS tapes, but they’ve been unwatched since I loaned my niece my VCR around 10 years ago :slight_smile:



I had a friend who used to do that regularly with his video’s. Can’t remember how often he did it but I know he did it religiously as his collection was large enough to take him a full weekend to go through the process. If I remember right he also took apart the video recorder and did something. You would phone him up to go for a pint to be told "Na mate I can’t I’m doing the tapes " .


He was probably cleaning the reader heads. If they’re dirty, it will also cause problems.


Our of interest is there a purpose for the computer ? Is it sheer nostalgia? Or are you intending hitting the antiques roadshow in 30 year’s?


Yeah that sounds familiar. I’m pretty sure he blew air through parts of it as well . He loved his tapes lol


Pure nostalgia. My office is filled with things I loved as a kid!!



The best of reasons then.


I’m 28 and I still have my old VHS video-recorder too :slight_smile:


That’s delightful! So, new computer to go with the VCR? Where are you going to put the Commodore 64?


I keed, kid! Look at my TV, under is cable box, under that VCR/DVD. (Currently dead. Need another.)

Weird question - is your place carpeted? I’ve seen photos of bare floors or area rugs. Is this typical? (Damn I feel provincial for asking!)


Growing up in the UK everywhere was always fully carpeted but in the last 20 years or so floorboards / laminate flooring (with or without rugs) has become popular to the point of being the norm.


Thanky, Gareth. I tend to watch trends like this for whatever reason. I think it was because of the Shag Carpeting That Ate Los Angeles.


Is that a Troma movie?


VHS recorder, with remote selotaped to the top, and several boxes of tapes carefully stacked in the loft after a house move 9 years ago. All that late night music from the 80s and 90s, OGWT, Snub, Whiteroom, Tube etc, putting the tape on record and pause to try and get a cleaner gap between the videos. Still got the cables somewhere from starting to drop them onto recorbable DVD but all a bit redundant now we have youtube.
A friend had a small portable TV cos the smaller screen made the concerts more watchable, he wasn’t wrong, at least for the nth generation Swans and Neubauten & Lydia lunch were were copying at the time.
Must be a comic and movie collecting thing - will any of us ever throw out the boxes of old tapes?


Next you’ll have Pong! It’s still highly addictive after all these years (I’m only 28 but played it regularly as a kid). Here, you can play this while you seek it out - We still have one but who knows if it still works.


I still have a VCR and a ton of stuff that I taped off TV when I was growing up. WAY before DVD season box sets were a thing I basically tried to make my own complete collections of my favorite shows by taping every episode. Something kids today will never understand…! Thanks for sharing this and bringing back some fun memories!


At one point I had every episode of STT:TNG, DS9 and, yes, Voyager on VHS. First air. Most commercials cut. Gone, alas.

But how I remember Beta vs. VHS! And paying $59.95 (plus tax) for Blade Runner. No wonder there are stacks!