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So I couldn't go to the Civil War LA premiere last night...


…as one of my brothers was having a special birthday. Young McNiven and his crew went along though and reportedly the flick is excellent. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

I have a habit of missing American premieres. I got to Wanted, but missed Kick-Ass 1 as one of my kids had a thing in school. I also missed the US premiere for Kingsman last year as I’d just had root canal treatment (over three days!!!) and the dentist said I shouldn’t fly for a week. My doc said it was ‘probably fine’, but there was a chance the air pressure change could be quite painful and that was enough for me so we just took advantage of the fact we’d booked a two night baby-sitter and headed up to the north of Scotland instead :slight_smile:



Can only imagine how far from the story it’s going to stray. Should we hope for Stark to clone Thor?


He’s being led by the thought of the royalties on the trade. :smile:


Honestly I think its wonderful that you’'d go to your kids event over your films premiere. I can absolutely guarantee you my parents would not have made that decision!


Which is very much the LA of the UK, I hear. :smile:


You’d be surprised, actually. When it comes to the crunch going to see a movie you can see again a week later many times and you’ve watched in an edit suite many times already over a school event that’s once a year… you will always choose the school event.



You good man! I knew there was a reason you were my favourite comic creator (outside of all the awesome stories) :smiley:


Chief, as a personal favor to you, I’d be more than happy to take your place at any NYC premiere.

Think about it.



Are you willing to take part in Mark Millar lookalike competition?

Winner goes to the events Mark can’t attend?


Here’s a recent picture of me; not sure if I could pass for Mark, but maybe another celebrity?


Clark Gregg was on Kimmel, saying he was going directly after the taping. (I think Kimmel tapes later than most? Late afternoon?)

I think CW is going to be most excellent. Love seeing Cap move like that in the trailer!

(PS - MM - since we’ve both had a dry socket, I’m glad you didn’t fly that time. Wise!)


Could be…