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So here's what I got up to in the States...


First of all, I just want to say how pleased I am how much sleep I got last night.

Believe it or not, I slept nine hours. This is a miracle in our house with all the young children, but it’s especially unusual for me after a trip to the States. I usually take about a week to adjust, which is horrible, but last night conked out before ten and woke up around six-thirty. I’ve no idea why I’m back on Scottish time already, but please God let it continue.

Can I just say a quick thanks to everyone who showed up for my three signings out there and to my brilliant hosts. On Saturday I did two Graham Crackers signings in Illinois, one in Chicago and one in Naperville. Sunday I did the famous Jetpack Comics in New Hampshire and all three were just terrific. I can’t remember more generous hosts and a huge thanks to everyone for being so fantastic. A highlight for me was the Flash Museum in Chicago, which I’ll try to find a photo of and which I urge all local readers to check out.

This Jetpack signing btw was the result of our annual Free Comic-Book Day competition where whichever store ON EARTH does the best Millarworld cosplay gets a signing from me where I make my way there on my own dime and spend a day at the store. We’re going to do this next year too so don’t hesitate to get involved, no matter where you are in the world.

Click the link below for pics from the signings (which were amazing)…

…and click the link here for details of our Millarworld Illuminati meeting, where the good people behind this website - the world famous Millarworld mods - all got together in Chicago and continued plotting our global domination plans for the next 12 months. More details below.



It was quite a treat to see the Chief in action. I have been to plenty of signings where it was clear the creator just wanted the line to move along. But both the Chief and Sean chatted with fans, posed for pictures, just made people comfortable.

Then they both wandered over to a pub across the street. The Chief engaged fans on a variety of topics, signed books for the two guys frantically pouring beers and help one young lad in an impromptu therapy session.

. A large group went out to dinner but I had to decline.