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So here's what I got up to in America last week...


On Wednesday I jumped on a very early plane for New York last week. Or at least that was the plan.

The plan was to arrive in NYC at lunch-time, grab a shower, do an interview with Greg Capullo about our upcoming REBORN series and then do a big signing at Midtown Comics for #MillarDay and the launch of the Jupiter’s Legacy sequel. But fate stepped in and for some reason I didn’t quite catch the plane was delayed EIGHT HUMAN HOURS. Thus, I arrived in New York at midnight and missed all.

Up three hours later and catching a plane to Detroit. Changed at Detroit for Fort Wayne and arrived around lunch-time Thursday for another big signing, this time at the amazing DCBS where I signed for three years and then hit the pub with the DCBS team. MUCH more complex trip back to New York as the only way home was through Atlanta that evening and I got back to New York around midnight, pretty wiped up and 2 hrs in traffic from La Guardia to my hotel.

6am breakfast meeting plus jet-lag meant a max of three hours sleep both nights and the Wednesday signing and Nerdest interview I missed rescheduled for Friday before catching a plane back to Scotland and going straight into a birthday party for one of my daughters.


Not at all. From here I found out Dave Gibbons, Goran Parlov, Rachel Stott and Marguerite Bennet were in town for a convention here in Glasgow so I nabbed them all for food and drinks with my dear chum Mister Quitely. Here we are below having breakfast beers yesterday morning at Glasgow’s legendary Atholl Arms. Back at work today, 55 mins late at 8.55am, starting late as a little treat to myself after a few busy days.

But great fun and fantastic to see everyone at the signings. Huge thx to everyone for showing up and making me not sit there at the table drumming my fingers and feeling daft. Hope to see you all again soon and thanks for the gifts, a brilliant pic of Huck by a thirteen year old kid which, I absolutely love.

Now: Back to writing the new Hit-Girl series, launching in January.

Happy 4th of July to all the people who managed their own version of Brexit in 1776!



should hit girl Really be drinking Guinness in a pub with four strange men?


She’d kill them stone dead if there was an issue lol
I tell ya that lady sure gets around!


She’s not trapped in there with them… they’re trapped in there with her.


fair point! :smiley:


If you weren’t my fav writer before, you are now! Thanks for your time and stories.


Comic book writers and artists are a bad influence on Hit-Girl :wink:


Thanks God you came on time for your daughters b-day!


Sounds like an intense trip! All that flying and Jet lag is unnecessary, next time you want to travel the states let me know. We’ll get you a mobile suite and a commercial driver so you can relax, drink and have your own sleeping quarters 24hrs a day! (I’ve held a CDL since 1994 with no violations. :wink: ) Imagine the fun to be had on a Millarworld party/tour bus! :wink:
It might look something like this. :sunglasses:


Dear God.




Could you swing through Ohio on your way? I’ll bring beer.


I’m surprised with all that you did not end up with a layover at Longmont Airport! Yeah, we can land a jet. An itty-bitty tiny jet! :laughing:

I don’t think Andy was joking about the mobile headquarters!


What he said.


Turns out Green Arrow had the same kind of troubles you did.


How do we get you into Toowoomba, Australia for a few hours? Beer will definitely be provided!