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Snyder & Capullo Bat-Chat - The Official Thread


Okay, I think my favourite comic right now has to be Batman by Scott and Greg.

It’s weird because I pretty much gave up on Batman when I was around 20 and stopped reading around the time Wagner and Grant finished up their excellent run with Norm Breyfogle, ending love affair with the character that started for me with Conway, Newton and Colan’s amazing run circa 1984.

Anyway, it’s been years and I honestly thought I’d moved on, but Night of the Owls just pulled me back in and now I can’t get enough of it, collecting all the trades I missed as regular issues. Scott I think ties with Jeff Lemire and Jason Aaron as one of the three best writers currently working in the medium and this is maybe his best book. Greg is a genius, perhaps the best Bat-Artist in the history of the monthly series (Year One and DKR being special projects). It’s just glorious having these guys out there every month.

Anyway, this is the celebration thread where we talk about what’s been, what’s happening now and what’s coming up in this great book. The only Marvel or DC title I think I get every month!



Such a great arc…
A evil that has been around for centuries that no one really knew was there…just a myth?!


Capullo really surprised me. I missed his time on the X-Books and had only seen it in Spawn where it was always very professional but very much working to McFarlane’s template. So I wasn’t that excited that he was on the book with the New 52 launch but that soon changed when I picked it up, really distinctive work full of character.

Very inventive too, the issue where the panels are all upside down and back to front was his idea according to Snyder and not in the original script.


its fun to read on the ipad too! :smiley:


Really? That’s cool, I didn’t know that.

I’ve been reading this run digitally whenever there’s a sale on backissues, but I’ve heard such good things about the stuff I haven’t read yet (from Zero Year on, basically) that I’m tempted to pay full price and just plough through it.

I can definitely foresee a big omnibus of the run at some point. There’s already an Absolute Court Of Owls planned for later this year.


Ha, yeah, it’s one of those issues where paper is definitely preferable. :slight_smile:


its a good run, it really is.
You should go back a little further and read Synder’s Black Mirror arc with Jock first…


Yes, Snyder was on Wordballoon talking about it. He also said, both of them have, that they really didn’t get on when they started and had arguments because Snyder did very specific scripts and Capullo was used to a looser more "Marvel style’ way of working where he could run with his ideas. They eventually got round to a middle ground where it clicked and are are now best buddies, a happy ending. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I read that a while back and thought it was great.


I rarely read modern Batman comics because I think too many people don’t know how to write a detective story, and to me Batman should be a detective first and foremost. Without that, I might as well be reading the Punisher (yawn).

But right from the Court of Owls and onwards through the run, the focus has always been on the mystery rather than the beating up of thugs. Of the four Bat-books that launched in the New 52, Snyder’s is the only one where the mystery hooked me, and the only one I kept reading and am still reading.


So when are you tempting him away with a Millarworld book?

If you just turn on the rotate lock, it works. :wink:

I just read an interview with John Romita Jr. and the new writer on Superman. I got the feeling that some of those same growing pains were there too. I wonder if it’s common with artists used to the Marvel Method being paired with writers who do more of a full script.


Yeah, that’s what I did when I read it on my tablet, I think.

But it’s still more fun with a physical book, gradually rotating it and turning it round and upside down and then accidentally turning the page to the previous page instead of the next one. :smile:

Some stuff still works better in print - that’s why I’ve ordered a physical copy of this week’s Silver Surfer.


Is there some way I can “like” a post more than once? :wink:


Yes! That was even better! REALLY REALLY good.


Without giving details it feels like the latest issue (#40) is the end if the teams run. Is this the case and if so who is taking over?


Nope they’re still on at least through #50. I think they had planned it to possibly be the end but everything was extended.


I’m very interested to see how things go forward from the latest issue then.


Have you not seen any of the preview images? I know somewhat what happened in #40 but not exactly. It takes a very different turn.


I’m on the fence on this book.

I really liked Court of Owls but Snyder’s Joker sounds a bit too grim for my liking.

Might pick up the Zero Year arc and Batman Eternal though.

Due to how DC trade collections - ie takes forever! - I can see how this plays out and then decide when the trade’s out.

For right now, it looks a road a bit too well traveled for me.


Since the price on just about anything at DC that I want to read has moved to $3.99, I’ve been tradewaiting their stuff. The long wait between the last issue and trade is a bit odd. They’re definitely working two streams and not trying to feed one into the other like Image.