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Sneak peek at my NEW Comic and a Colour Question for you all!

Hello My Fellow MillarWorld Pickles,

I just this day finds you all well?

As some of you know I write a few comics that I self-publish…why?
Because I love making comics.

As well as some more CHUNKS, TRANSFER and a Cordelia one shot that I am putting out this year, with the help of some amazing new collaborators I am going to be releasing a load of NEW titles too.

One of which I have been keep pretty close to my chest, this one!
Not telling you the title or what it is about yet, but I wanted to show you a page and ask you a question about the colouring for it.

I am working with a incredibly talented chap called Wayne Lowden, (who I found on here)….
check out more of his stuff here:
He has been sending me some amazing pages and I am loving the way this comic is shaping up!
Wayne is such a nice chap and I am really enjoying working with him…
Wayne isn’t a lover of colour in comics, (which is cool, i agree, some look better in B/W) however he was incredibly complimentary on the colour work i did for my HUCK strip that I posted last week:
Oh, for HUCK's Sake!
So, on the basis of that, we decided to give our new comic a splash of colour.
I asked Wayne if there were any comics (colour wise) that he would like ours to look like and I will try to recreate, while at the same time hopefully make ours stand out.
Wayne pointed me towards a French comic that I had never heard of called Jazz Maynard:
After reading the first couple of issues (translated of course, I’m not THAT intelligent) and as well as being a great story, it looks beautiful and I have fallen in love with the colours.
So, I did a test page…Wayne loved it, as did i…even more so, because i do like all the comics I work to have a distinctive look to them.

We both showed the test page to a few people and got some mixed feedback.
Out of the six I showed it to, I got one, “nah”, four thumbs up and one “I’m not sure, I would need to see it in context to the story, because colour helps dictate what’s happening in the scene” Which I totally get, because it does…

This is where you lot come in and I’d love to know your opinions on this for a general consensus.

The first is a straight forward flat colour in a “white Light”, which I’m not 100% happy with yet…if I go this way, I’m gonna change the palette.

Next you have the test page that is did in “MY” Maynard-esq style…along with two other variations on that.

So, what you think?


For me, it’s the last one. It looks like modern colour-graded effect, and looks the most mature, compared to the comparatively garish first one and the monotone others. Reminds me of Scalped, somehow!

Using a red overlaid on top of the colours unifies them, whereas you have some clashing elements in the first example (the blonde hair and blue suit overpower the rest of the first panel, for example. Plus you would have difficulty buying a suit that colour these days!).

That’s my tuppence anyway. :slight_smile:


and it was well spent!
Thank you, Sir! :smiley:

If you do pursue one of the monochrome choices, it might be worth checking out the first couple of volumes of Matt Fraction’s Casanova for some inspiration - it used varying shades of green (in the first series) and blue (in the second) to great effect.

(Unfortunately I think some of the more recent printings have overhauled the colouring, so it might not be easy to track down.)

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I’m a strong believer that if you are going to use colour it can be muted but use it or don’t bother.

I was not a fan of a lot of early 90s Vertigo books that were mainly different tones of brown. So I don’t mind the first one but if you feel it needs to be reined back I’d go for the fourth.

This is a good point. I’d try maybe a 60% opacity on that red overlay, so it’s there, but not quite so mononchromatic.

That, or put a slightly yellow tint over the first example - it comes across quite cold and blue (the backgrounds and skin tones all lean towards the cold blues somehow. Think that’s why I prefer the last one, it’s much warmer … but too much).


I was very confused by your “Wayne is such a nice chap” comment.

You… You have talked with him, right? Don’t get me wrong Wayne is marvellously entertaining, enormous fun to talk to and an excellent artist, but…


I don’t think that word means what you think it means…

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Currently the orange has 82% opacity, the red 47% and blue 98%…

Moving the read up to 60% looks like this…

not too much difference.

he is a nice guy…can be a bit surly, but i think that is just a deceptive facade! :wink:

Oh, I thought you’d overlaid a red over the first, coloured example.

I nabbed the first one and put a red layer on ‘color’ at 30% and got this result. Tints it slightly towards that rusted desaturated look, but not quite as much.

See what I mean about the coldness in the original (below)?


Oh, the original has no overlay…

All those below had overlays at the levels i mentioned :smiley:

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Yep, the last one!

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Yeah, I reckon dial the overlay back a bit so it tints the colours only a third as much. That way you get the warmth without losing the variety of tones.


what about something like this?

too CHUNK-y?

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I would tend to assume there’s a story reason behind this sort of thing (ie presenting a flashback in monochrome) - in this case it suggests that the woman is more important/vibrant than everything else on the page. Which may or may not be true…? :neutral_face:


not always the case…

Sometimes, its just me screwing around! :joy:



oh, come on!
It was the first thing i EVER coloured and i will be the first to admit it…i couldnt colour at the time! :wink:

But you would be surprised how many people compliment me on that “stylistic” choice! :joy:


First and last look best to me. The middle ones make me think (2) the action is taking place under a red sun and (3) the action is taking place at night. If either of these are true, go for that one. Otherwise go for 1 or 4 (probably 4).

Edit: now I’ve seen that @MichaelRea has commented, ignore what I wrote and just do whatever he says because he’s awesome :slight_smile:


Ha! I need that on a t-shirt in life.