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Sneak Peak - Covers for October's Jupiter's Circle TRADE!


This is cool.

Here’s a wee look at the front and back cover (plus spine) for the first Jupiter’s Circle trade. This of course is the prequel to Jupiter’s Legacy and the final issue of this first volume is out in a mere thirteen days time. The collection is priced in that amazing Image First deal of $9.99 as an introduction, the price obviously being RAMPED UP LIKE CRAZY when we do the second volume and you’re hooked!

Anyway, them covers…


Thanks Mark. I bought Jupiter’s Legacy V1 for my nephew’s birthday. This takes care of Christmas.

Mental note: Must ask him if he liked Jupiter’s Legacy.


That’s a nice RTD quote.


I really like that cover,


Good job! The trade looks lovely, beautiful Quitely cover and jammed with cool art! And the price! Seems just right, not overblown, not underpriced. The only problem I have with it is anyone I might give it to as a gift already has the floppies!

  • That just doesn’t sound right. “Have you got a case of the floppies? Get new Get new Böneröne! In no time everything will be shelved in hardback!”