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Small stories of my projects , gift to Millarworlders.


Dear Millarworlders,
@mattgarvey1981 's contest gave me the incentive to complete some of my projects. Here is one of those .
I hope you enjoy it. Any comments are more than welcome.


G. G.


Well done, buddy.
Looks great!
Proud of you…KEEP MAKING THEM!


Thanks Matt.



Small project number 2. I hope you enjoy.


lovely stuff. Reminds me of old school British comics. The fun subdue colours. Only thing I might suggest is looking at the way clothes fold. You know how to use sold blacks and should keep that up. But some of the shapes created in the folds aren’t quite right. But great work, cant wait to see more.


Thanks my friend. I will keep your commends in mind and I will try to improve.


Part 3 of my small weird stories project. I hope you enjoy.

If you like my art visit :

Thanks again.


Small stories part 4. Almost 22 pages now anyone want to publish it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Small stories part 5. An older story I drawn years ago just redrawn and recolored in some parts. I didn’t know that correcting errors is much more time consuming than redraw the whole scene.



Small stories part 6

An old script that I totally redrawn but still used the same pacing of my original try.



This is my submission for Top Cow’s talent contest for 2017 . Most pages have been redrawn after I received feedback what I must change. I think my last try is very good. Any commends especially ( bad ) ones is highly welcome.

Original comic Postal # 16
Original Story: Bryan Hill
Original Art: Isaac Goodhart