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Small Press comics: 101...


Great job, Matt!


Cheers, buddy…But…once more unto the breach dear friends, once more


Again, not showing off…today I sold 111 comics…so it works, I swear…(for me)
So, it’s worth giving it a try, kids…it really is.
In total I’ve sold 257 comics this weekend!!!


I had the pleasure of meeting @mattgarvey1981 in person on Saturday at MCM and can confirm that he does practice what he preaches. I popped back to his stand a few times and he was always on his feet and never had a phone in hand (unfortunately). The ultimate professional and very polite / friendly.

Sorry I didn’t buy anything mate, after everything I spent on putting my anthology together I was under orders from my gf not to spend any more money. Will get Cordelia Swift series on Comixology and then order the trade when it’s out.

Well done on those numbers!


It was a pleasure meeting you too, buddy! :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for stopping by and confirming that i do exactly what is say! :wink:
didn’t sit down for around 30 hours over the weekend and i’m completely knackered!..but it was worth it.
Sold a load…which means i can make more :blush:

never have to apologise for that, fella.
i’m always happy to just chat, i appreciate you making the effort to find me.

Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon and thanks so much for the free copy of your anthology…It’s good stuff. I’m really proud of you.


Really nice meeting you at MCM on Sunday man, I’m the writer of FACADE (dude with the ponytail and the girlfriend that liked sweets!)

This post is really insightful, I wish I had half the sales skills you have. You really know your stuff, you literally hit the nail on the head with nearly all of what you said about pitching to publishers (and getting rejected etc).

Personally I find myself at the point where, through trial and error, (and zero knowledge) I have managed to finish and print my first issue. So this is the bit where a HUGE publisher spots it and says “Wow this is the best thing ever” and spreads it all around the world for everyone to see! Only that’s not exactly what happened, there is now a surprising amount of work to do and I don’t have a single clue where to start.

Luckily my sister bought me tickets to Comic con for my birthday and I met other writers in the same boat, even luckier for me, these guys are a few steps ahead of me down the road. Nice to know there are others who can relate to the struggle, and I’m grateful to be a part of such a helpful community

I’m glad we met, keep in touch mate,

Adem Kiamil

P.S your books are great by the way thank you!


If only you had called this thread “comics 201”! Oh well, you’ll know better next time :wink:


Hey, buddy.
I saw you joined the forum earlier when you liked the post.

Your comments are incredibly kind, thank you.
But you can do this!
You are half way there, you have a comic (thanks for the copy by the way), now you just need get it out there.
The points in this thread might not work for you, they just work for me.
Just work hard make more comics and HAVE FUN!
That’s the best bit about making them, it’s fun!

Keep in touch and hopefully we’ll meet up at the next con…where you will be selling your own comics!


Hey mate,

Hope your feet have recovered. I’d have loved to have stood and chatted all day but didn’t want to cramp your style and get it in way of your fans / punters.

Let me know when your next in (channels Danny Dyer) “my manor” and we’ll have a beer. I think it’d be easier to chat away from the bustle of the con.

Just DM or e-mail if you every fancied catching up.



P.S -

Its not free, it’s in return for all your wisdom on here. So worth about a tuppance lol.


yeah, we’ll do that…If you are ever near St Paul’s drop me a message! :wink:

Don’t be daft!


I’m only a short bus ride from St Paul’s so will let you know when I’m free in the next couple of weeks. Have an idea for a comic creator jam that I’d like to run by you.

I was only half serious thus the tuppance joke, lol.


sure no worries, i look forward to meeting up without being constantly interrupted! :smiley:


Definitely. Convention tables are not the best place to have a conversation.


Just did my submission, so excited to see how this all turns out, good luck to all the amazing talent out there taking a crack at this!


Good luck to you, Rave


Thank you good sir, I’ma need it!


Just work hard buddy, that’s all you REALLY need to do.


Didn’t know if this would help anyone wanting to make comics?!
Know your page turns for surprises & action SPLASH pages.


Christ is he still going on about this?!?