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i know it sounds like a cliche, the world doesnt owe me a living or a future.
I was born into it and not the other way round.
You want something you gotta work for it…life is a grind and find pleasure where you can.
Other than my wife, the rest of my joy comes from making comics.


This is the quote I really wanted to highlight.

I think comics is one of those things you do because you have to not because you think it will be a quick/easy buck (hint: It’s not. ;)).

I really need to get my Garveyverse on more. Chunks is still my favorite and I’ve read part of Cordelia Swift but I still need to give Transfer a go. It sounds like something I would enjoy. Keep up the great work.


Cris is staring #3 this week! :smiley:

Will be on comixology October 28th, Sir.
Best 99 cents you’ll spend this year! :wink:



Double yay!

The ComiXology option is nice for the reasons you stated above. Shipping to the US is just killer. I’m a huge fan of their system too and think it’s great they give small press access to the same storefront that the big boys have.


i know, i’m still trying to find a decent reliable US printer who will print on demand.
Speaking to a couple, so hopefully soon.
If not…there are other irons in fires…


This is the most awesomest thread there has ever been.


I’m glad you like it, fella.
I do hope it is helping people and i’m not just chatty bull plop…

I think once its finished and I’ve tried to answer EVERYTHING i can, i might do a short print run as an A5 “booklet” so if people want a copy or wanna get one for a buddy, who they know that wants to make their own comics they can.
i know it can be annoying scrolling through a looooooong thread like this.


@mattgarvey1981 a few points

  1. Your still a dick
    … but your like that loveable second cousin that can’t keep their mouth shut for two seconds that will bring everyone to tears the second he says something stupidly funny.

  2. Thank you for giving us permission in a public forum to slap you.
    That guy lurking near your table at your next con?
    That’ll be me waiting to pounce .

The only thing I will add to your list of selling at cons is “Dress to impress”

Now I’m not saying wear a formal dinner jacket but way to often have I attended cons and met people who unfortunately fall into the stereotype category of over sized printed t-shirt with cheetoz dust covering them and their beard also with a strong pressance of b.o. emanating from their bodies.

You are selling yourself as well as your comics so be presentable.
I attended A con last month and there was an opportunity for people to pitch to various editiors from multiple publishers and was shocked by the carelessness some people put into presenting themselves.
One editor made a particular comment to me “looking sharp” which said to me that he noticed I had made an effort.
This was also a discussion amongst some creators over a few drinks in the evening. Every public appearance is a job interview. You will be noticed and your behaviours and appearance will reflect people’s opinion of you for right or wrong.

But Matt top notes and we all should be grateful that you chose to share this with us.

(Secretly he’s trying to get us to order more of his books and I bet it works!)


I think someone is jumping ahead…

Did i not write, More to come? :wink:

But you are right, Sir.
Not looking like a slob helps…and i shall be covering this soon along with more Con bits and then i’ll be moving on to selling to shops too, whcih i know a few people has asked me about.

It will take me a while, but i’ll get there.

As long as people find this useful, i’ll keep doing it and if anyone has any questions, send them over and i’ll try and answer them as i go.


and yes, buy my comics from many a good comic shop or from :stuck_out_tongue:


Go on, Matt. Who is the best artist on Batman?


Jim Aparo. Obviously :rolling_eyes:


I honestly do not have a preference.
When it comes to the dark knight every artist brings their A game…they have to.
It’s the biggest character in comics.


That answer is too sensible to come from the mind of the writer of Chunks. :wink:


Sorry, I just can’t pick one over another Sale, Jock, Capullo, Quitely, to name but a few!
Who could pick?!


I could. Breyfogle.


I’ll give it a go and say Mazzucchelli.


just a quick update today…


You smell.
I’m sorry, but you do.
We all do, some more than others and if we are honest no one wants to buy a comic from a creator who is chucking up.
We all know that comic shops (can) smell because of us geeks on a hot summer day, it’s not pleasant.
If you eat crap food and drink nothing but fizzy pop, tea and alcohol. Those substances are going to excrete from your pores and you are going to smell.
Water works wonders, not just for cleaning but for drinking too!
I know this sounds like I’m teaching you how to suck eggs, but for the love of God have a shower the morning of the con and if you drink plenty of water (2 litres a day) leading up to and during the con you won’t smell…plus, it clears your skin up too.
Bad smells will turn people and potential customers away.
If you sweat a lot, that doesn’t always mean you smell, but the sight of giant sweat patches on a creator, again will give people the wrong impression.
So, wear dark colours if you are a damp fella like me!

Hand sanitiser

I love this stuff, it’s great.
I walk around London a lot, opening doors, holding on in trains and shaking hands with strangers, customers and colleagues.
I fell a little be better using hand sanitiser if I have just shaken hands with someone who is…a tad clamy.
People are carrying a lot of stuff at cons and so they are gonna have sweaty palms, so be cool about it. Don’t shake their hand and immediately pull out the hand sanitiser and use it in front of them.
Keep it hidden, under the table and use it discreetly after they have gone, as to not cause offence.

The other year, i got to meet Jock at comic con in London.
I’m not really a signature kinda guy, but I really wanted my Batman: The black mirror signed. I lined up…BIG line. So, I’m holding this hardcover trade for a good 30-40mins and l was a bit moist in the old palm department.
When I got to the front the queue the first thing that Jock did was put his hand out for me to shake. I recoiled with embarrassment “oh, you don’t wanna shake my hand, it’s really sweaty!” I’m paraphrasing his response but it was along the lines of “don’t be silly” he took my hands, shook it with a huge smile on his face. We then had a five minute conversation about hand cleanliness and he told me that the event organisers offered him a bottle of hand sanitiser for the table and he said no. The point I’m making is, Jock is a classy guy and didn’t make me feel bad about being clam chowder (sweaty and hot)
I was already a fan of Jock’s art, but now I am a fan of the bloke too and I’ll buy a copy of anything that guy draws.

More soon…


I met Jock at a Con as well (not long after Green Arrow: Year One came out I think). The man couldn’t have been nicer.


No update tonight, kids, sorry.
Didn’t get home till late…I’ll try and do double tomorrow and over the weekend to cover the other bits people wanted…