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Small Press comic day is coming....


Yeah, I have only met him briefly at a convention. Drink was involved (on my side I hasten to add).


He Is actually a really a nice guy.
I met him at a MillarWorld Xmas drink a few years ago.


His comic looked really fun.


I backed the Kickstarter…got my digital copy…I’ve read about 30 pages…
Not really my cup of tea…very graphic…if you are a hardcore 80s horror fan you’ll love it.


I’m not a huge horror fan myself (as you know, I’m a sensitive soul :fearful:), but it seemed to have some good ideas.


From what I read, it is good.
I will read the rest…it’s just finding the time…
Not including digital…this is my to read pile…:tired_face:


“Lens Wipes” is a great read and very emotional, I felt like I had something in my eye by the end.


It is and I don’t even wear glasses!
That’s how much I enjoy reading it.


Ah, don’t guys. I’m getting all weepy at work thinking about it. :sob: Highly recommended – I found it to be a very cathartic read. :cry:

Anyway, amateur. You should see my stack.


My to-read pile looks something like this.


Comics historians of the future will look at this photo and ask: “Who the hell is that weird guy with Eisner-winning @mattgarvey1981 and @DrewEricsson?”

Great to meet you, guys (and Russell too!).


There was a serious concern about the beard-Velcro effect, which is why we kept our heads so far apart.

Great to meet you two too :+1::+1:


Great picture, guys. #jealous

Love the Mudder’s Milk t-shirt, @DrewEricsson.


Guys, it was soooo lovely to meet you both…i REALLY appreciated the MillarWorld entourage support.
Really meant a lot to me…I’m just glad you weren’t weirdos!



One of the chaps I know from twitter who buys ALL my stuff came just to bring me a present!
How amazing are these?!


What’s your hit/miss ratio for Millarworlders on that one. :wink:


To be fair…it’s not been that bad…but then again I haven’t met @markabnett yet!



Some of the older members may recognise the plonker to my left!


For some reason, despite this thread, I absolutely failed to take note of this event.
I was very close to jumping in the car and driving up to Birmingham to see my brother but so I could sneak up to see you all…