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Small Press comic day is coming....


Small Press days is now less than two months away…
Some of you may know what this is, but others may not, so here goes…
July 8th 2017, Small press day is a an important event (put it in your calendar now) that was set up the other year for a good couple of reasons, one to help get customers (new and old) to step foot into a bricks and mortar comic shops.
What the LCSs do is, invite people like…well, me (small press creators) into their shops and let us sell our small press comics direct to their customers.
Let’s put that in perspective…I get ask to go to a comic shop for the day, THEIR customers come in and buy MY comics…That means, every comic I sell for £3.00, that cash now goes in my back pocket and not in the stores register.
Now that is a HUGE sacrifice by local comic shops!
So, firstly a big HUGE thank you to every shop that is participating in Small Press Day, we all appreciate your support.
Secondly, this event is a great idea, because it shows regular/new patrons that there is life outside of the major publishers…which there is!
I am not taking anything away for the Biggies, because I personally still buy a large selection of titles, month in month out…and I always will.

But there is a world of incredibly talents artists, inkers, colourists, letterers and writers out there that are producing some really impressive comics!
We don’t make comics for money, because there isn’t any “real” money in making small press comics. We do it because we love the medium and have stories we want to share.

What I am asking is, if you are going into your Local comic shop on July 8th 2017 and they have a table set up to help promote a small press creator…go over and have a look, perhaps buy one!
You never know you might find something that you’ll REALLY like and you might even meet the next Mark Millar in the making!

So, if YOU are a small press comic creator and you have been asked to attend a comic shop, post the details below let people know where you are going to be and what are you gonna be selling…post some previews!

Or if you are a Local comic shop, again, post your details below and let the world know that you are getting involved and who is going to be there!


Of course, I am getting involved and I’m one the road…stepping out of my Essex bubble and heading up to Nostalgia and Comics 14-16 Smallbrook, Queensway. Birmingham, B5 4EN Phone: 0121 643 0143
Who have kindly invited me in!

I’ll be selling copies of the Hero Initiative charity variant of The Ether #1, along with my other comics CHUNKS, Cordelia Swift and TRANSFER.




Im driving a six hour round trip just to come up to see all you lovely people in Birmingham!
So make sure you stop by for a high five!:slight_smile:



I love the fact that you think I’d want you there!
So sweet!


Birmingham, Ohio? That’s about an hour away. :wink:


One day, buddy!


I would happily donate towards a One way ticket


Nice timing. I’m off to Wales on Saturday. What’s your ETA?


Wow, thanks Mark.
That’s REALLY kind of you…but I’d keep your cash…you might need it for after brexit…


Hoping to be there from around 10:30…
Depends on traffic


i love our little chats :kissing_heart:


That’s the one close to New Street Station, right?

Remind me to tell you about the place I stayed around there when I first visited Birmingham.


I Ain’t got a clue, buddy. :joy:


It’s me mainly putting you in your place, if I’m honest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m a special guest?!
I just think that’s code for the person who is travelling the furthest :joy:


Nah. They’re just acknowledging how er… “special” you are. :stuck_out_tongue:


Am pretty special, yeah…wait WHAT?!


Hey…Russell Hillman is going to be there. Excellent.


You’ve obviously never me him! :grimacing:
I have :joy: