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Skottie Young Empress #1 variant exclusive to Millarworld retailers!


here’s a crazy, but fun idea. The only stores that can order the Skottie Young variant of Empress #1 are ones registered here on our forum. This is going to make this ultra-rare and when you order you can order as many as you like, but you need to be signed in here ASAP. The FOC is a couple of weeks away so plenty of time :slightly_smiling:



That’s pretty cool. Have all the covers for #1 been shown now?


Maybe :slightly_smiling:



Such a tease. :wink:


I f’n love it. I don’t know why little versions of characters make me smile, but they do.


Looks Great. How bout a reverse negative copy?


Brilliant idea! This will really get those retailers going and off their arses!


I think this, and the Retailer’s Secret Forum itself, are two of the best real-world ideas you’ve come up with, Mark. And you’ve had a few beauts!

I think O’Hara should write a book about your business models. I’ll edit it. Art direction by Sanjay. Then sell it thru Bruno. Yeah, he’s back. And now he’s officially the Ghost of Christmas Past.


Neither mine, actually. A pal at Diamond came up with the retailer variant and Jim O of this Parish came up with the retailer forum idea. Both brilliant!



That O’Hara boy is sharp. But take some credit, bud. You are the one who chose to “move forward” with the ideas.


first time on here so hello Mark, hello all!!
I just wanted to know if the ultra special variant which will be revealed in March is going to be available at all good comic shops or will it be a selected few as I do not want to miss out also any hint of which date in March for the reveal :)grinning:


Geez Mark!

What do you bring to the table, anyhow?



The still to be announced variant is available to be ordered by everyone, like the Stuart covers. The McNiv and Murph variants are special retailer incentive ones and the Skottie one just for MW registered retailers. But this last one I’ll release next week can be ordered anywhere :slightly_smiling:



thats great!! thanks Mark