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I’ve never watched it. I see that it’s on Netflix though, so might give it a shot at some point.

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You should, it had a reputation, encouraged by most of of Channel 4’s publicity, of just being a shallow soap about sex, drugs and parties but it was waay deeper than that and very moving. The concept was that it was about 6th form kids, so every two years they changed the entire cast (hence me putting ‘year’ in brackets).

After the first two they had some good moments but never managed to reach the same level.

The casting team seemed to be geniuses though. A lot of film and TV stars got their debut there.


Nicholas Hoult was in the first series, wasn’t he?


He was, and don’t be put off that at first he seems to be the lead and a bit of a prick. He’s meant to be and it switches perspectives and pays off down the line.

Others they found were Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray off Game of Thrones and Dev Patel.


And Kaya Scodelario, who has recently been on the Maze Runner movies. She was great in Skins.

They did cast amazing young people, and got fantastic performances from them. Joe Dempsie’s Chris was probably my favourite character, and the favourite of these amazing performances was Jack O’Connell’s Cook. Such a great character. And O’Connell’s now starred as the lead in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, and he’s currently on Money Monster with George Clooney. Not bad at all.

Yeah, Simon, Skins is well worth watching; the first episode still seems a bit oh-those-rebellious-teenagers-are-so-outrageous! but it gets incredibly good very quickly.


Well, I just finished Better Call Saul, so my schedule is free to catch a couple of episodes tonight.



Skins was very good. The one that looks at Cassie’s eating disorder got me hooked. And the end of season 1 - so brave.

I would recommend having the Inbetweeners on stand-by as a counter-point to it though.


Good call. If I had just watched the first episode, I would have absolutely hated it. However I get that it was Tony’s episode, and in his life he’s the Ferris Bueller-like hero. We get a very different look at him through both Sid and Michelle’s eyes.

So yeah, it gets a whole lot better as it goes on.

I watched about 5 episodes this evening.