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More Ipadpro practice

Saw the last Jedi today and I was ok with it. it did have some interesting ideas. but overall I thought it was decent


I’ve been busy still learning how to use my Ipadpro for work. but still having some fun…
Happy New Years to all!


More Ipadpro practice pieces…


More practice in procreate. I feel I’m getting closer to adjusting to drawing on glass.


Been doing a lot more experiments again LOL I even tried out the Manga style again to see if I can pull it off LOL its a very difficult style to adapt too. but a fun challenge.

And then back to some more north American style for the next few sketches

Last one of Dr Manhattan was in clip Studio. I did a rendition of Dave Gibbons Iconic Panel. Just finished reading the monster of the graphic novel I got over the holidays. What a great read. I learned a lot from it. Such a dark story though LOL now I’m reading Invincible now by Kirkman,Walker,Ottly and Crabtree. Such a fun read. Great artwork and story as well.


Still doing a lot of experimenting with the Ipad. I think going fwd will start to just concentrate on just story pages again. I find I’m getting off track trying to teach myself to paint too much. when all I want to do is pencil work. But I’d still like to be able to color my own work in the future…

Trying to find a balance between a Japanese and north American style. although now I’ve been studying a lot of Alex Toth and really love how he does his work. I just recently got a copy of Bravo for Adventure and really loving it.


Haven’t been saying much, just watching you get used to the new toys. Getting comfortable yet?


That’s ok I haven’t been that active on here as I should be . The IPad is a really great tool. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a portable handy drawing tablet. I’ve been using Procreate mostly but I heard MediBang is another good app for comic creation. I’ve been working on some sample pages with another writer that found me on here. Just a 5 Page short. But a great story. After I finish this one off. I’ll be looking to collaborate with other writers on here and do more shorts to get a feel for different genres and styles of writing :pencil2:️:open_book: