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Quite like the Batcave stuff. (Yeah, I’m a sucker for Batman stuff.)


Thanks man! I love Batman LOL today I went with Star Wars…trying something different…for Inktober day 15…I went with the ending of the Force awakens


Inktober day 16 my first attempt at Robin and the Penguin


Trying my hand at Spider-man again for Inktober day 17…

A small one today LOL testing out some new art boards I got at the shop…a small tribute to Frank Miller’s Dark knight returns…


Inktober day 19… Super boy…wanted to try a new character today…the original pen work in my sketch book got so messed up when I tried to water color it…I should probably stick to just black and white art…but I want to learn to color when i finish my own book I’m writing so I can’t let it go LOL

I really liked the idea of this page so I took the image and cleaned it up and digitally inked it too…slowly getting used to working digitally more…

And then tried some color work on it again…still not the greatest LOL need to read more tutorials…

I like some of the pages I came up with so far for inktober I feel I can make some short stories with them too…just 4 or 5 page portfolio samples to show to editors at the next conventions I attend in the up coming year…


Today I tried out my new art boards again…still learning but I feel I’m slowly getting there

Here is the full page… experimenting with different pens on this…

details panel 01

details panel 02

details panel 03


Experimented more with my next 2 pages for inktober day’s 21-22… I continued my Hulk vs Wolverine fight pages…


Inktober day 23…continuing my practice pages with Wolverine after he took a beat down from the Hulk


Inktober Day 24…I went back to the 9 panel grid again to see how I feel about it for story purposes…I’m getting a lot of good practice on these new boards… continuing the story with Deadpool and Wolverine…


Inktober Days 25-29…its a bit late LOL but I had to take a few days off to apply to some studio jobs…can’t believe it takes so long to fill out each application and answer loads of questions LOL …hopefully I’ll find some work soon…
here is the art dump for today…still finishing off the last 2 pages…feels good to be practicing again…

Thanks everyone for your support on my journey into the business!


took longer then I thought I would to finish off the prompt list LOL making a story from random words was hard LOL and a good challenge and exercise…I learned a lot of what my limitations are as an artist and what I need to work on so I’m glad I got it done…now I’m ready to move on again


Going back to Digital again… I wanna be good at both Traditional and Digital…can’t wait to see Thor Ragnarok…Here is the start of my sketch page…will clean up the art later tonight


Every artist should set up a booth outside cinemas and draw Thor this weekend!

Y’all would make a bundle!


I wish I did that LOL haven’t even seen the movie yet… :frowning: I’ve been away for a while from the online community…had to move houses… but now I’m just getting settled in again…looking fwd to catching to see what everyone has been up too… I’m still drawing though…


Ryu in procreate on the IpadPro time lapse
Time Lapse video on the above link…I really like the play back feature in procreate…its interesting to see how much self editing I do LOL

I’ve been using my Ipadpro a lot more and just experimenting with it as a tool for work…so far I’m pretty happy with it…but need to study which programs will work best for me…

Batman Time Lapse test

Sagat Time Lapse

Wolverine Time Lapse

Dredd Panel 04 Time Lapse


Starting to get the hang of the Ipadpro

gonna be doing more rough layouts and editing with the Pro. I really like the battery life and that its so thin to carry around and light in my bag…


more experimentation on the Ipadpro


My version of Wolverine for the MCU now that Marvel and Disney have the Xmen back…can’t wait to see those movies when they come out. still getting used to the Ipadpro. it feels weird drawing on glass LOL very unnatural LOL

Another fun sketch in procreate…this is the first time I’ve ever drawn the Riddler. will try him again down the road…

trying out sequentials on the pro too…but it still feels a bit odd drawing on glass

and one last sketch today this time more traditional just pencil and paper…still exploring my own style as I tend to mix things a lot.I just recently got copies of Watchmen the deluxe edition and Alex toths Bravo for Adventure and Winter world with Jorge Zaffino… will be doing a lot of studying over the holidays to see what I can learn from each master…


Just started reading Jupiters Legacy again. love this book!


After doing the last sketch I ended up writing my own 5 Page short story. Here is Page 01 rough layouts. I’m gonna try and do this all on the Ipadpro. So I can get more practice on it.