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LOL its all good! I wanna to improve so I can reach my goal of breaking into the comic businesses. Any tips I get from people will always be appreciated as golden nuggets of knowledge. I’ve only talked to 2 editors so far at a con I went too. 1 from Marvel and 1 from DC. And the only advice I got was to just do more work lol so everyday im just drawing. They didn’t have much to say lol it was hard to get info out of them. I had to press them for critiques lol they mostly just said its ok. But I’m not ready yet and I need to just keep drawing more.I find all the cosmic guys a fun challenge. Darkseid is even stranger to draw cause of his unique design. Its so iconic its hard to change anything on it. Thank you again!:pray::black_nib::v:


My First Attempt at Azrael…He has so many different designs…but I drew a lot of inspiration on my take from the Angel in the dark book cover I saw online…I modified the design to make it my own and removed the chain mail and gave him a padded cloth look and big shoulder pads…so he looks more like a Templar knight…I also modified his bracers to look like the assassins creed bracers…The colors are a bit grey LOL still learning to paint properly but I’ll leave it as is for now and work on other projects…I’m happy with the line art though…its starting to get better and cleaner with each piece I do…

Colors…my Wacom always appears darker then my 2nd screen not sure how match the colors properly…have to do more research…

Line Art

Refining the roughs

Rough sketch

Inktober day 1 :slight_smile: a little sketch of reverse flash during breakfast

Was watching the Old Crow movie while I was doing some studying…the old film is still decent and holds up to me…
my first attempt at him…


Inktober day 2…breakfast doodle…my first attempt at two face…

Practicing my line art with some Solid Snake from Metal Gear

Inktober Day 03 Poison Ivy sketch


testing my own imagination to create scenes from movies I like…Pulp Fiction Mia and Vincent dance…
rough sketch

line art with some tone…pulled the camera back more to show more of Vincent dancing



Looks good!


Thanks! I always appreciate the support!

Practicing still…Power Girl attempt 2…with a super hero landing…

Line Art

Some Colors added…not the greatest colors still lol …maybe going fwd will stick to black and white line art for now…


Inktober Day 04…sticking with Batman Bad guys for now…until I get stuck on the prompt list LOL
today is my own version of Killer Croc

trying some new characters…Human Torch …he’s pretty much naked so it wasn’t too bad drawing him LOL

line art



Wolverine sketch break…Just started reading Marvel Legacy…looking fwd to seeing what Marvel will do now going fwd with their books…
Rough sketch

Line Art


Inktober day 05 Clayface

Trying some new rendering techniques again…Jane Foster Thor

my process

Trying out Clayface again LOL he’s so much fun to draw…I have a short story I wrote with him and will use him at some point…


Hellboy birthday sketch

Inktober Day 06 Batman’s Ra’s Al Ghul…based on the concepts by Bruce Timm


I love your work dude. Keep it going!


Thank you so much! I always appreciate the support!

I did one more Hellboy sketch for the week


Finally saw the Wonder Woman movie…was sketching while watching the movie with my niece’s…Inktober day 07


Inktober Day 08…my first attempt at Doctor Strange…

Inktober Day 09…Black Canary…trying new characters again I never drew yet…


Inktober day 10 Trying my hand at some Monsters LOL Godzilla vs King Kong…my largest drawing in a while…2 pages spread in my 11x17 sketch book

Superman Work break…stepping away from color for bit …just to concentrate on the line art…

Starting line art

Final line art…changed the buildings in the end…

Tried some colors but I feel I butchered it LOL will revisit this again at some point down the road …


Inktober Day 11…was thinking of the time Superman and the Flash had a race around the world LOL thought it would be a fun drawing…


Great work, Mark! It’s fun to pop in here and see what you’ve been working on.


Thanks for the support! I’m slowly getting there! :slight_smile:


Inktober Day 12…was inspired by Miller and Mazzuccheilli’s Batman Year one…one of my favorite scenes is when Bruce is having an inner monologue with his fathers statue…and the Bat dramatically crashes into the study giving him the symbol he needs to strike fear in the hearts of the criminal’s of Gotham…still learning to use the brush…maybe after 3million more I’ll get comfortable with it LOL


some of todays sketches

Wulfgar from forgotten realms

And almost forgot Inktober today LOL here is another Batman year one inspired piece…Inktober day 13


Inktober day 14 Wolverine Vs the Hulk