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Thank you Kevin! I appreciate it! I was away from art for 6 years…and have been pulled back in as comics is what I really want to do…Just chasing the dream…:writing_hand:

I wrote a new short story for an idea I had based on the witcher…Just started to play around with some character designs


Starting line art

Final line art

rough colours layed in …had to fight the urge to make it all brown LOL in game I think the character and world is mostly brown…so I took some liberties to adapt it in comic book form in my own style…


Love the Wolverine and Moon Knight sequences.


Thank you! I appreciate the support!:writing_hand:

Frank Miller inspired Batman

Starting up my sketch book sequential again…with Moon Knight, Punisher, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider returns…gonna be a huge team up with all characters coming back in…did some limited color for fun on Ghost rider and his bike.

story is slowly progressing along…definitely learning a lot by doing these…

I started reading Image Comics Black Road…wow love the story and art…Here is my version of Magnus


Bane Experiment…I’ve been reading a lot Batman rebirth too
After I finish off my story with Ghost Rider, Punisher, Moon Knight and Wolverine…I’m gonna play with some DC characters…


More sketches of Batman’s Rogue Gallery

My first attempt at Swamp Thing

Some Moon Knight fun

More concepts for my new Witcher comic Samples


Village is slowly being populated LOL the village is only 1 part of the story…but I want to make everyone different.


Duke from Starlight sketch…trying out a new Pen

Jessic Cruz Green Lantern…trying new characters out…

one last sketch before I get back to pages…got some new brushes for photoshop today. just trying them out…a quick cyber punk sketch…

an old concept…but still like this one…will use her at some point down the road

More villagers for Gerlat to interact with in my Witcher sample story…tried some really extreme head shapes on this LOL it was fun just changing things up…

really starting to love photoshop sketching again with my new brushes…another cyberpunk concept…

2 more concept sketches for my Witcher story

Wolverine break time sketching…


Trying out new brushes on this experiment…still gotta try them all out to see which works best for me…but so far I’m happy with all them… Aspen Comics Fathom…sketch
My Process
Rough sketch

Line art stared

Line art finished

Colour started

Finally finished all the scrap paper on my desk…I think I have enough character designs now for my Witcher sample pages.

Experimenting with another brush on the fathom sketch…also adjusted the legs and pulled them in…the colors are still too boring…but I’ll get around to it again when I get some time…

Continuing my quest to absorb new styles…and to learn and grow…i changed the pose yet again LOL but I feel this one is stronger then the last 2…


Batman Day painting…trying some new brushes out

Couldn’t resist one more Batman Day sketch lol

Some Joker fun…still experimenting with brushes


a little hulk to start the work week…took sunday off to just read comics again…

Another sketch to start my day…trying a little bit of the Manga style with this Street Fighter Ken sketch …


Thanks everyone for your support on my evolution as an artist!
was reading my Starlight trade again for a 20th time.the pages are starting to get bent up now LOL can’t get enough of it…I always find new things to marvel at when I flip though the pages and study it… here is my sketch of Duke…I tried to capture the essence of Parlov’s style with a mix of my own.


line art

Wanted to Balance out Hulk with a She Hulk piece too


Line art

original roughs


some of todays doodles…
Mistress Death and Thanos

Black Bolt from Inhumans

Starting line art

Final Line art



Magneto from the 90’s still my Favorite versions of him…and the X-Men too…
Rough art

Line Art started

Line Art completed

Colors…still learning these brushes…but I’m slowly getting used to the tools…


Trying a different rendering technique on this cheeky Harley Quinn for Hump day…

Starting Line art

Final Line art…I pushed the pose a bit more…

Final colors…I’ll probably re render this again at some point down the road…

Some super tiny sketches for my detective story…

BreakFast Sketching…Black Widow

Thursday Thors day LOL was sketching in my book during lunch and wanted to experiment with some colors on it…

My process
from pencils inks and color

todays tiny head studies for my detective book…I’ll continue doing these small post its sketches for inktober LOL just easier to get some small sketches done for the event


I would really like to see your stuff cleaned up. Not over rendered or anything, but with a nice clean ink-like line with some good line weight variation. I think you’ve got a really good grasp of action and superheroics and wouldn’t be surprised to see you eventually working in the field.


Thanks Joshua! I’m slowly building myself up still…its been about 6 years since I’ve done any real art…I was on my way to a totally different career path…but art and comics was always there in the back of my mind…and this year I’m pushing myself to grow more and give my art career a real chance…Thanks for the critique I will definitely use them in my future work… and thank you for your support!

Just posting a little Spider-man…to swing into the weekend
…started out as just a sketch…then had to the urge to color him in…from now on I think I’ll concentrate on black and white art going fwd…and do less colors…my goal is to still write, and do the art for my own original title one day…

Was reading reading Fraction and Aja’s run on Hawkeye…was inspired to try my hand at the character

Line Art…I changed the pose a bit to have it look like he’s getting ready to load the arrow to shoot


couldn’t sleep till I got this sketch out…I’m still enjoying digital painting cause it I feels give me a different way of evolving as an artist…this was a lot of fun to do…my 2nd attempt at Thanos…I mixed the design a bit with the Cinematic version and the comic version by George Perez and blended them into 1…

rough sketch

I felt it was boring and he didn’t look savage enough so I changed his expression up…

Started some colors and keep the gauntlet separate

Finished off with the colors and added some fx for fun…

todays doodle during lunch…was reading over my Hellboy trades and studying them…Mignola always blows me away. amazing art and story…love the way he blends myths and legends with some action packed stories…

Captain Marvel attempt 02

Roughs 02

Line art clean up

I couldn’t resist some color LOL


Hate to harsh your buzz, but maybe you want to do Thanos with a proper whatever-he-uses-as-a-lower-lip thing. Check how Starlin did it - I don’t quite “get” the anatomy, either. All but that lip is cool.


Thanks man! I always appreciate constructive critiques! its exactly what I need and it will help me for sure reach that next level and goals in my art as I’m learning everyday to get back in the game…

I was looking at Starlin and he does have some weird lip thing…LOL .its kinda there but not there…I think the cosmic guys are always drawn a little different depending on the artist…I was just doing my own thing…I was thinking Ben Grimm when I was drawing him too…but I can see what you mean


I did some quick anatomy stuff to double check my own stuff…but its always pretty lose on these sketches…as most of its a 1 and done thing as I move on…just trying to put in the work and do more art…


muscle overlay

I did a small change…and you’re right it looks better with the lip LOL

new final colors with lip

thanks again!


Yeah, there ya go! Thanos and Darkseid - bizarre mandible anatomy!

Good fixes. Thanks for trotting out the editor in me for a moment or two!