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Sir Christopher Lee has passed on


Thus falls a titan.

My wife and I literally just re-watched the Wicker Man last night, too. Thanks for all the movies, Lee.


So sad.

I met him at a celebrity golf tournament here in Houston back in the early 80s. I got his autograph. He was a very kind and friendly man.



If there was ever someone where ‘he lived a full life’ is undeniable it is Sir Christopher Lee. He will be sorely missed.


Just heard about it, he was in so many things that I love and enjoy.


I posted this in another thread but it seems appropriate here. He had the ability to make a silly role sinister (among many other abilities) I’m thankful I had the opportunity to grow up watching him.


A true legend in his own lifetime. He made hundreds of film and TV appearances and it still feels like he didn’t get enough work. :smiling_imp:


Francisco Scaramanga. The Man with the Golden Gun.


Well…it was timely.
Incredibly sad, but he lived a rich life and well, he;ll be missed.


No doubt. He lived a magnificent life. When you read his history you see he was involved with all levels of society from early on. And throughout he seemed to conduct himself as the perfect gentleman, a refined, educated, kind and honest human being. He must have been so proud of how he lived his life, he was like a real life ‘most interesting man in the world’.

Can’t help but think this song is perfect for today:


Rest in peace, Lord Summerisle.





I fully expect him to rise from the dead and form a Heavy Metal band.

RIP Gandalf


Well, you know, all those old British actors look alike. Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee, Simon Pegg…


I was talking with a mate of mine earlier. While we knew he was old, we both honestly believed that he would outlive us. RIP Sir Christopher.


Sad, sad news.


On the positive side, he lived an amazing life, accomplished a lot personally and professionally and it seems he passed away relatively uneventfully. Since everyone is mortal, I suppose one could say congratulations are in order for completing such an exemplary life.

Death doesn’t have to be uniformly tragic.


Always one of my favorite actors. When we’ve done casting bits about "Who would you want to play you in a movie: mine was always Christopher Lee or Jonathan Frakes. Lee’s buddy and frequent co-star Peter Cushing is the spittin’ image of my dad.

Diplomat. Spy. Cousin to Ian Fleming. Almost Bond; almost Dr. No; almost Blofeld and was Scaramanga. Counts Dracula and Dooku, Darth Tyrranus. Lord Summerisle. The scientist in Gremlins 2. Dr. Fu Manchu. Ship’s vampire in the half-Beatles The Magic Christian. Zetan in Circle of Iron. In two episodes of The Avengers - and we’re talkin’ John Steed and Emma Peel. All the way back to the first listed work, two episodes of something called Kaleidoscope.

There are two films “still in the can” - post-production and marked ‘completed’ is Angels in Notting Hill where he plays “The Boss, Mr. President”. Still pre-production, so we don’t know if anything made it to film yet isThe 11th as Lars Ole Hansen. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies looks to be his final major film.

Did Britain like him? “On 16 June 2001, he was created a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his services to drama. He was created a Knight Bachelor on 13 June 2009 in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his services to drama and charity. In addition he was made a Commander of the Order of St John on 16 January 1997.”

Rest in peace for a bit. Sir. I have a hunch you will be in Heaven’s Mossad in short order!


RIP. What a fine actor and man.


The Empire Magazine website has posted the following, which I think it pretty cool summation of the man’s career and approach to life in movies at any rate.


I’m not good with speeches so I simply say he was a legend in film and life and will be greatly missed