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Having to fly 1/2 way round the world for my brothers wedding in Melbourne has its perks and I’ll be stopping off for a week in Singapore and a day in Kuala Lumper and 3 days in Dubai on the way home it would be silly of me not to pop my head into local comic book shops and see whats working around the globe.
Aside from an obligatory visit to Minotaur in Melbourne does anyone have any advice or stores I should visit in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Dubai??


Having liked in KL for 4 years most of the comic shops (and there are just a couple) are in the suburbs. What is central and great though is the Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC (the mall underneath the Petronas Twin Towers). The graphic novel and manga sections are huge.


Thanks Gar. I thought you’d be the first to respond!
Got it locked in the calendar.


Comic shops struggle a bit out here because economies of scale mean Diamond have to charge more for delivery and do it slower. So individual issues cost $5 or more being sold to people that generally earn a lot less than people in the UK or US. Not a great business model.

It means there are only a couple of shops although comics readership is actually very high.

Collections don’t have that problem so by contrast the bookshops have way more comics material than you’d expect to see. That’s similar to what Mark saw when a bookshop in the Philippines won his signing competition and set up huge billboards with his face on them.


Oh I absolutely understand. I always thought it was a miracle that my comic store in NZ managed to get the books available the same day they were released in the u.s. Sometimes earlier! but boy did shipping costs hurt the wallet.


In Dubai:

Dubai Mall has Kinokuniya, a Japanese franchise bookstore with a pretty sizable comic book section.
Dubai Outlet Mall has Comicave, which comes complete with its own Iron Man suit display.
Both are pretty excellent and both sell merch and books.

Also holler if you wanna coffee up while you’re here.
I’m dying to meet a future Millarworld Publishing Hall Of Famer.


Ha! I don’t know about Hall of Famer! 4 pages doesn’t cut it and I guarantee the other 600 Hit Girl entrants will rip my story to bits (don’t worry I have many many times since submitting!)
We are booked in for Wild Wadi for one of the days supposedly the worlds best water park so looking forward to that.
If jet lag permits I might hit you up closer to the time phr0ggi


wow gar you weren’t joking. Kinokuniya had one of the best TPB range I’ve seen. No single issues unfortunately . I was hoping to complete a 4 country sweep of different Huck variants. Got my hands on a Jupiters legacy trade instead. Couldn’t quite justify the extra baggage cost of the civil war boxed set!


I’ve only been to kinokuniya in the Dubai Mall which is pretty great…stacks of trades, collectibles etc.

There are also two or three high end collectible stores close to the entrance to the Reel Cinema…a place selling a lot of Sideshow and Hot Toys, another with a mix of comics related collectibles and another with a ton of marvel and DC stuff.


6 countries 20 days and a stash of Millarworld variants from around the globe

Huck 1-4 variants (plus huck 5). TPB Jupiter’s circle

Thanks @ascmelbourne @MinotaurMelb @Kinokuniya_indo, comicsworld,atomic comics, invasion toys Singapore for great comic insights and passion

Whats really interesting was the conversations with the retailers around whats working in the market place. the most honest conversation was around the lack of kid friendly comics
One outlet said they were hopeful for Marvels “Spidey” to make an impact but all their adult buyers jumped on it and they had struggled to get their hands on enough stock

Its definitely motivated me to go back and look at what I’ve written and got planned and made some changes that are a little more kid friendly in mind.