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Hi everyone,

I just uploaded some pages on Tapastic few days ago, it would be great if you can check it out and give some feedback about it. I’m still learning how to do it best on the platform. Attached is the first page in conventional comic book format, and here is the link to see it on Tapastic

Please feel free to experience it on Tapastic format and let me know what your thought.

Thank you.



Nice art, and I really like how you use the infinite canvas to present your story as a single scrolling stream of panels. I always think it’s a waste of the technology when people make an on-line comic with pages limited to 10x7 inches.


Thank you for your feedback, David.

Yes, infinite canvas can bring a whole new experience in reading comic. It’s also nice they support gif format so creator can play with simple animation to bring the scene live :slight_smile:


Hi @peyi_piye,

This is a great story. The gif animations really take advantage of the digital medium and bring it to life rather than the static page above.

What are you doing next?




Hi @stuartdn86 ,

Thank you for taking your time to checked it and it is really nice to know you like it.

Well, next thing I’m going to do definitely is thinking what idea for the next episode, as it was just spontaneous drawing. I’m in deep trouble now, lol.

Also I might create a Patreon page for this.