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Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life


I just watched this.

Who made it? Someone just sent me it and I’m still reeling!!



Was that the one where Shrek is on the Twin Towers?

You are late, chief!


No, the one just released with the subject heading title.



This one? (Not safe for work warning)


WTF. That is messed up.


I think they showed that before The Puss in Boots feature film. Not sure. LOL.



No. No no no.


If I had to guess, I’d say Jim O’Hara made that.


Thanks, god only knows what is going to be in my recommended viewing now! :worried: :palm_tree: (where’s the facepalm emoticon?)


Hey I posted it with a warning! You lot only have yourselves to blame if you click on it. :smile:


I like to think the entire video was just an excuse for that weak ‘ogre’ pun.


You’ve got to admire someone who can out weird 99.9% of the internet.


The worrying thing is the reaction of the remaining 0.1% of the internet.


I am scarred for life now.

At least Donkey wasn’t involved somehow.


Reading Will’s post then Jim’s reminds me of Jim’s SFL persona. It would be a Max O’hara thing to avoid ownership while simultaneously complimenting himself.


It comes from the Internet cesspool of 4chan, were somebody posted the text story that they wrote that would become the voiceover in the video. Someone made an animation. Why is not known.


I’m actually wondering if this is a parody of a specific Christian film. I mean the language of “Love and life” seems like it could be that, along with a message of “It’s not over; It’s never over”. I really feel this is a parody of something where they replaced Jesus with Shrek and added buttsecks.


I really don’t tink this is the sort of thing that requires too much depth of thought. Weirdos + Internet + Time = weird shit like this. Its not really worth the brain cells worrying about it.


Yeah, enough brain cells were destroyed watching it.


To be fair, I didn’t even have to think about it. It was honestly the first impression I got from watching it.