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Shows You Never Finished


Sons Of Anarchy - in the middle of the Ireland season. Cool concept, and I think it’s looked at fondly amongst fans of the show, but I just couldn’t get into it.
Sopranos Cannot get through the first season, which is odd, since it’s the grand daddy of all the shows I love nowadays…


Oh, there are loads, but I don’t tend to dwell on them so they slip from my memory pretty quickly. Lost, Fringe, Extant, House of Cards (the Netflix version), Caprica and Agents of SHIELD are all shows that I stopped watching at some point and never missed enough to go back to them. And that’s just in recent years.


House of Cards is probably the big one. I’m interested in Frank’s progress, but I never cared about the side stories.


Did you watch the UK original, Steve? I think part of the problem for me was that it suffered in comparison.


I never finished Lost or Battlestar Galactica. A combination of the Writer’s Strike and raise in cost of boxed sets put me off. I don’t watch much TV and never circled back around.


Angel. Some day…


I did, and it was a much more contained show, as it had to fill less time.

It’s not as if the additional material in the US version was bad, but it wasn’t the point. Making it an ensemble show was not an improvement, at least for me.

Great pilot episode though. It got me through the next few, despite the problems I had with it.


In fairness, Whedon never finished Angel either.


Yeah, the Spacey HoC started off very well, but quickly got sidetracked with stuff that wasn’t particularly interesting to me (even when it served to illustrate Underwood’s character). As with Daredevil, there was a sense of a great show being ever so slightly stretched.


Harvey Birdman. Still not got around to season 3 of that.


Daredevil. By episode 8 I was bored; skipped to the last episode and fast forwarded to when they showed him in the costume.


The scene with Fisk in the SWAT van made it worth it though, didn’t it? :wink:


I think I skipped over that, too.


It was the best part. :cry:


Under The Dome: I liked the book quite a bit, I made it through season one, forced myself to finish season 2 (at my daughters request) but she say the 1st episode of season 3 and said “don’t bother” (I was quite relieved!)


Star Trek: Voyager.

It finished me.


Star Trek Enterprise: I watched the first half dozen episodes then stopped. It was worse than Voyager and I watched that show to the bitter end.


I was skipping a lot of ‘Voyager’ by the end, but I did follow the plot and watched the final episode.

‘Enterprise’ I gave up on and never finished. I still don’t know how it ended and I can’t even be bothered to Google it.


The final episode of Enterprise is one of the few I watched and it was ridiculous. It’s an episode based around Riker reliving the experiences of the Enterprise crew as a holodeck thing , leading up to Trip’s death. It’s like they thought 'no-one really likes this show, should we just end it with a TNG episode?



Well that’s the last time the show was universally loved, and I say that as a big DS9 fan.