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That’s true. 2000ad also did a sex special a couple of decades back. The Nikolai Dante episode there included in collections comes as a bit of a surprise compared to the less adult content in the rest of the run.

Groan. It’s the prog of no return; The prog that jumps the shark; The Sex Issue. Urgh. Even Tharg is ashamed of the whole thing as he hands most of his editorial over to Bish-OP. Although, Bish-OP is Tharg so why he would feel the need to do such thing, I don’t now. Perhaps Bish-OP knows he’s taking a risk with this issue and wants to manfully take responsibility for it should reaction be bad. However, I can’t help wondering if he sincerely expects it to be a raging success and wants to ensure full credit for it.

I like his books but Dave Bishop was a terrible editor.


I rolled my eyes heavily at that cover, again reading the quote and then a third time on the way back past the cover to leave the thread, as I noticed the text on her boots. Jesus.


In comparison to the boots, the belt-buckle is relatively subtle.


Right that’s enough of that. Back to the Nerd Stuff.





It’s really good. Let me know what you think when you’ve read it.







Heh. Where’s that from?




An superbonkers GN called Batman: Fortunate Son, which revolves around how Batman hates rock because “He listened to the Beatles before going to the opera the night his parents were shot” and during his world travels, he stayed in London’s Punk Scene, at the house of someone who turned out to be a nutcase GF-beater, so he concluded that everybody involved in Rock and daughter genres are “Criminals”. It also involves a terrorist rock star, who hallucinates, partially due to drugs, a blond version of Elvis, known as the “God of Rock”, who’s his universe’s equivalent to IRL Elvis, and he breaks into “Graceland” where “The God” is in a glass mausoleum, like he’s Stalin or something and demands that “Graceland” be “free” because “The God” is a “saint” and “In Europe, the relics of saints are on display for free!”


I learned of this book through a reviewer of bad comics (now a Youtuber- though he started out on Blip, when that was around) with the screen name Linkara, who’s show, Atop the Fourth Wall, will celebrate its tenth anniversary this October, and passed its 500th episode in April. Here’s the review of B:FS, though this was made in his first year of video-making, so it’s of poorer quality then his modern stuff:


Uh… okay, then…


It’s one of those situations where no matter how much Hal protests that people think he’s a nonce, everything he does just cements the image of Hal “Child Molester” Jordan further into their minds.


Probably written on a drunken bet that the writer couldn’t make a story more disturbing then Action Comics #592-593.