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Should we still expect Millar's Superman?


Just wondering, does this new Netflix deal prevent him from writing for DC and Marvel again?


Nothing official has been said by Millar but I imagine Netflix are going to be keeping him pretty busy for a good while.


Yo. It’s Superman.

But I’d rather see Huck.


That’d be awesome if they take Red Son - one of my favorite Superman stories, if not the best.


I was referring to this


We know the reference. I think the best advice is 'don’t hold your breath". Even in Mark’s post there he was undecided, maybe he’d do a Supes story, maybe not.

I doubt any TV contract can tie him legally in forever but it’ll almost certainly keep him busy.

Best bet is it will appear when it appears, that has a Millarworld guarantee. :smile:


It’s just cool that he came here to riff on possible projects.


I guess I just got too carried away and excited by the announcement but now it’s definitely going to be shelved for at least many years, if it even happens at all.


It could still happen but it was never an ‘announcement’. Mark was speculating on things he fancied doing. He hadn’t even decided DC v Marvel and after that they’d have to agree.


You people are bringing me down.

Millar & Cassaday Superman story for 12 issues.*
The only debate should be is if it’s Action Comics #1000 - 1011, or its own maxi-series.

*I may have made that up in my head, but it’s been a while now and I’ve been kind of expecting it…


If it happens, it’s going to be 6 or 7 issues long, one big graphic novel. Out of regular continuity that’s for sure.

Mark talked about doing it with either Immonen or another artist he never worked with it but didn’t say who he was.