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Should Marvel want the X-Men back in the MCU?


News recently broke that Disney was in talks with Fox about buying their movie division. Which would open the possibility of the X Men joining the Marvel cinematic universe.

So my question is would this be a good thing?

In the pro side it might suggest better X Men movies. And TV shows. But we’ve had a good run with Deadpool, Logan and Legion.

In the con side it might make the Marvel universe too unwieldy. Plus they have a carefully constructed shared universe narrative and suddenly the have to jam in mutants. It could be Inhumans all over again. Or it might give us the bright X Men characters we grew up loving.

So what do you think folks?


I honestly think the time to bring the X-Men into the MCU has passed.

If it had happened about 6-7 years ago, it would have been easier to integrate the concept of mutants and the large cast of X-Men. Doing it now would be a rough and jarring transition. Spider-Man was easier because he is a single character.

And as much as I would love to see the Fantastic Four in the MCU, I have a feeling it might also be too late for them.


If it would just end this awkward Inhumans experiment, it might be worth it. I think the Fantastic Four would be a better fit in the current universe.


Whether or not the X-Men ever get back with Marvel, their movies should just be separated.

That said, I’d prefer just the continuing trial and error saga of the Fox stuff.


I wouldn’t want them existing alongside the other heroes. It wouldn’t make sense that they’re hated and feared. In the comics you can ignore it because you have to ignore so many inconsistencies already but in the movies it would stick out like a sore thumb. I made the opposite argument of this in defense of Wakanda after the latest Black Panther trailer but it’s easy for a movie to sidestep how Wakanda fits into the geopolitical reality of the MCU. But with the X-Men, “hated and feared” has to be front and center or else what’s the point?


I’ve never liked X-Men/General Marvel Universe crossovers. However, the idea that the X Universe could be done in the same way as the MCU has, with the same quality, is one that makes me very excited.

The things they could do with all that Claremont writing and the years of amazing design work that Marvel Films seem to stitch in so effortlessly in a modern and fresh way that always seems like pure homage, especially post Ragnarok and it’s Kirby aesthetic.

I’d genuinely like to see FF done properly, too.


Adding the FF back is easy. It’s one family - they can have disappeared 10 years ago and suddenly arrived back after all sorts of off world adventures.

Adding mutants is almost impossible given the plot holes they’d create. I’ve suspected for a while fans don’t actually want the X Men back in the MCU, they just want different movies - the kind of movies Fox dont make.


I think the X-Men should stay separate. While I’m fine with it in the comics, it would be a bit weird to push the mutant prejudice angle alongside non-mutant heroes. It would make both worlds too crowded.

But I’d be all for Marvel/Disney taking control of the X-movies. Fox seem to be floundering.


I’v said it a million times, the best thing for the Fox licensed properties would be to reach a Sony-like deal, but they shouldn’t go back to Disney, and in all honesty they shouldn’t even want them back. The main reason is production capability, Marvel Studios are already pretty swamped with movies for the forseeable future, and there’s just no way to pump out more (at some point)… having both Sony and Fox pump out movies is obviously better cause it means there’s more Marvel product out there. So the best outcome would be to have some control in the direction of the licensed movies, and integration within the same “larger universe”, but letting those other studios handle the productions, etc…

That would also allow Marvel, Sony & Fox to be able to use their respective characters (which means Galactus in the MCU!) but also, being able to still get some R-rated movies from non-Disney sutdios. So the best case scenario, as far as I’m concerned.


I agree. However, they could take that approach and also come up with an MCU/X-Men universe cross-over movie to get all those shiny pennies from people who really want to see Spider-Man bugging Wolverine on the big screen.


One thing that would be very worthwhile is that Ryan Reynolds would very probably put his voice to Deadpool pretty much appearing in anything from Daredevil to Avengers to GOTG to Spidey to AOS.


Marvel studios will crank these films out from now till the world ends. They will increase in capacity if required. The next Avengers will see a reality reset at the end which may well result in new actors playing core characters. By 2019 we will know if Disney have gotten hold of Fox. Plenty of time for a credits scene showing mutants in the MCU. Maybe pitching Giant Size X men as the start point. Dark Phoenix will open to mediocre reviews and general Meh like Apocalypse.

Marvel Studios will be able to fit the mutants in working up to a version of A vs X, hopefully better than the piss poor comic, around 2025.


They could, sure, but that’d be unwise and financially reckless… it’s a huge investment to increase their production infrastructure, I’d assume, and it’s very risky since they don’t know what a post-2020 future holds in terms of movie market. I mean, I guess we can all agree that the whole “superhero fatigue” didn’t pan out as many were predicting, however, you never know what the next fad will be. They seem quite capable of adapting, which is the good news, but again, pretty risky in a post Avengers 4 world, at this point at least.

Oh, also, Disney already has the Star Wars (whole Lucas actually) franchises to plug into their calendar as well as their usual Disney fare slate of movies… I think even the mighty mouse must have some sort of budgetary limit :smile:


Id like X-Men done by Marvel studios but as a separate universe.


More than that, they are very in control of the tide of how Superhero movies are evolving. Despite Deadpool and Wolverine, they’ve not had to resort to mature content, keeping a firm grasp of leading the audience forward. I remember watching GOTG and thinking what balls they had doing that with the genre but the audience went with it. It was erfectly timed. Fox has only really gotten the critics and fans both excited by pushing that mature button, even in TV, and DC are a clumsy mess on screen. Funny thing is, DC do outerspace and that kind of madness far better than Marvel, and their ten steps behind at this point.


Eh, I’d disagree, to me the Marvel Cosmic comics were always as good, if not better, than DC’s, but I guess that’s a matter of opinion =P


I think Marvel’s oversight of their projects has been far better and it’s not something a conventional studio is likely to emulate effectively, but Fox’s X-men films have generally got the tone right, and individual films have their own problems.

Totally agree with the idea that Fantastic Four would benefit from people who actually understand it. At all.


However the deal being mooted was to buy the entirety of Fox’s film operation, so the infrastructure would be there. They could just apply more direction on it.


I agree with the above that the FF would be a much better fit in the MCU overall. If the age of mutants dawned in the MCU, you’d really have to do some pretty amazing mental gymnastics to justify why the Avengers/SHIELD wouldn’t be involved in helping them out in some way rather than letting them all be adopted by a dude in a wheelchair somewhere. I do think a select few X characters would be great to see in the MCU, however, and I don’t think audiences overall would give a shit if we saw Wolverine in an avengers movie but not the rest of the X-Men.

Could Marvel swing it, if given the opportunity, regardless of my opinion of whether they should? I can’t imagine why not, though it would pretty much require doubling their operations. The way they’ve evolved their filmaking process so quickly over the past decade suggests to me they’d be capable of making whichever changes would be necessary to move forward, though.


Very true.

There would be no need to make mutation something global at the start. They could tease the idea and see how people responded?

Marvel play the long game with their films. It took several movies to set up the Avengers and even more to get us to the Infinity War.

They could spend an equal amount of time building a new X-Men.