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Should Marvel change their future movie plans?


In the wake of Black Panther making history with it’s reception and success, there’s no doubt the suits at Disney are sitting around a table right now trying to interpret what to do next with their plans. Marvel have been pretty quiet about what happens after Infinity War, no doubt in part so’s not to spoil what might happen. Given that Black Panther has just changed everything they knew about their movies, what would you recommend if you had a seat at the table?

Here’s what they have right now:

2017: Logan, Guardians 2, Spider-Man, Thor 3
2018: Black Panther, Infinity War Pt 1, Deadpool 2, Ant Man & Wasp, Venom, X Men Dark Phoenix
2019: New Mutants, Captain Marvel, Infinity War Pt 2, Spider Man 2
2020: Guardians 3

Clearly they have plans they just haven’t released yet. It looks like they’re going to have a 5 movie per year schedule. So what do you think the next few years will look like?

And to help, here’s all their current franchises:

Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Guardians, Ant Man, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Avengers, Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four, X Men, Deadpool, Venom, New Mutants, Wolverine.

Here’s my suggestion to kick things off:

2020: Deadpool 3, Guardians 3, Fantastic Four, Black Widow team up, Dr Strange
2021: Spiderman 3, Black Panther 2, X Men reboot, Hulk & Thor, Captain Marvel 2
2022: Ms Marvel, Avengers, X Force, Wolverine, All new Iron Man
2023: Spiderman 4, Fantastic Four 2, Guardians 4, X Men 2, Black Widow 2
2024: Black Panther 3, All in Marvel event Pt 1, All in Marvel event Pt 2

Essentially I’d take Iron Man and Cap off the table. Get the third Deadpool movie out quickly, introduce the FF first, then the X Men as a reboot of the franchise, give Black Widow her own movie that would feature other women of Marvel, add a Ms Marvel franchise as a female Spier-man type (with the idea of mutants being a thing), create an X Force franchise and then create another Infinity War type event with both parts happening in the same time span.

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“Should Marvel change their future movie plans?”


With the exception of having an X-force movie roll out every year and Cable becomes the lynchpin of the All new, All Different Marvel Cinematic Universe and Josh Brolin will continue in leading roles or cameo appearances to the extent that we roll out him out whilst he is on his ventilator machine well into his 150’s (modern medicine will help us in ways we cannot imagine!)

Actually, upon further consideration, your idea is far more appealing.

As you were.


If New Mutants is good, then I’d liked the Director’s trilogy vision to come to fruition. Need that Warlock.

If not, then sounds good.


ooo Phalanx Covenant trilogy spanning
New Mutants

Now that’s something different


Actually this idea has legs.

New Mutants
Warlock introduced. Magus the big bad.
End credit Cable recruits new mutants into X-Force

Cable trains New Mutants
Warlock infect’s Cables Cybernetic/to virus/mechanics (whatever they introduce)
Cable goes Crazy
X-Force takes him down
End Credit Cable has signaled the Phalanx

Phalanx attack the earth .
Threat to big for X-Force
X-men called in
Big fights
Cable makes ultimate sacrifice and ends his life to end Phalanx
End credit Hope arrive looking for Dad.

This movie stuff is easy!


@Jim, the one thing your slate is missing is an untested property. The strength of the Marvel movies so far has been the films they took a gamble on – like Guardians of the Galaxy, and Black Panther, both unknown properties in the eyes of the general (non-comics-buying) public. In Fox’s X-Franchise, they hit it big with Deadpool, another relatively obscure property. Granted, not every gamble (Ant-Man, Dr. Strange) pays off as well as GOTG and BP did, but will the general public flock to see yet another FF reboot, especially when the most recent one was not well-received by audiences, critics, or comics fans?

Marvel has a diversity of untapped characters like Shang-Chi, and Daimon Hellstrom, and Dominic Fortune, and the Agents of Atlas, just to name a few that don’t fit the mold of a standard superhero character, but could thrive as a film with the Marvel touch.


Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, all new Iron Man and X Force are all new franchises. Also they’ll be introducing Wolverine, FF and X Men as new properties with new casts, so I don’t think they can do much more than that. Honestly I don’t know who’s left that’s movie appropriate.



Moon Knight. They need to make Moon Knight. They own the rights? Somehow? Make it happen.


After making a hit out of GotG and Ant-man (less of a hit, but still), that question should be moot.

But there’s still Agents of ATLAS, Nova, Quasar, New Warriors, Ka-zar =P and probably many others… oh… they can still exploit all the “Midnight Sons” properties, i.e. Blade, Ghost Rider…

I’d love to see a Star-Jammers movie but they’re probably tied to Fox u_u


True. Personally I think the strangest property Marvel has - well, second to Kirby’s 2001 and its sequel Machine Man - is Killraven which I would love to see adapted to film.

For me, I haven’t really found Marvel movies worthwhile since WINTER SOLDIER. But I have liked DEADPOOL and LOGAN, and I think 70’s Marvel comics might reinvigorate the films by bringing in 70’s cinema.


2020: Black Panther 2, Guardians 3, Falcon, War Machine, Black Widow
2021: Black Goliath, Thor 4 (with Jane Foster as Thor), Captain Marvel 2, Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl
2022: Black Panther 3, Falcon 2, War Machine 2, Night Thrasher, Guardians 4
2023: Black Goliath 2, Captain Marvel 3, Squirrel Girl 2, Black Widow 2, Cloak & Dagger


So, basically, black characters, female characters, and…Guardians.


Eh… Black Goliath sounds like bad porn…

Also, Cloak & Dagger are debuting soon on TV… so that’s taken, and btw… when I was thinking about other characters… damn, between the movies and TV series (plus all the licensed properties), they’ve already used a fair number of characters… pretty crazy.


Maybe @davidm intended for Marvel to expand their offerings. :wink:


I’m in it for the profit. I’m sticking to what sells.

For about four years. Then I’ll be jumping ship to copy the next thing I notice selling.


Just to be clear, I may be cynical but I would also watch every one of those movies. Except maybe Black Widow, that’s the weak link in my slate. But I’d get round that by making it a team-up movie with Bucky Cap.


You could stick Punisher in it? I love when those two kids team up.


I’m saving Punisher to introduce him as a guest star in Power Pack 2 in 2026. Maybe he’ll get his own spin-off mive after that, but I don’t see it working to be honest. He’s a lame character.


Maybe if you retcon him as a woman…?