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Hello Dear Friends,

  • I’ m a comic book artist, who worked with Image Comics (drew 3 issue at Five Ghosts - #15, #16, #17 Supernatural NOIR backup story called " Sleepwalking" with Fabian Rangel Jr. and Mike Spicer)
    and BOOM! Studios (Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER Bestiary #4 ) and many other indie projects.

  • Since 1 year I started to write and draw my own short stories. I’m trying to improve my storytelling skills since 4 months with a project called " Before you sleep" This is a challenge with myself. The Best thing about this project, I drew and write over 80 stories in 4 months. Lots of them are one page short stories and some of them are 3- 4 page. There is almost every kind of story genres in this project.

  • About this Challenge is, I don’t use pencil, sketch or thumbnails, it’s a freehand comic project directly on paper with ink.
    More details, on my Patreon page.

Also there is a making of video you can watch here :

And if you want to see some sample pages of this project, you can check my instagram:

I’m all open to your ideas, advices, thoughts, and of course your Support
Making Comics is my biggest passion in this world, and i want to make this happen with your help.
Can’t wait to read what you guys think about it.

All the best,


Dude, this is so amazing.

I loved your Idea, of let it go, not to plan to much to make a good story.

And you rock on the traditional art!!!

Can I put a link of your Instagram in my Blog?

I really loved your art and idea, and I just want to share it.

The blog is still in portuguese but, I will have it translated very soon.

If you would like to check it, here ir the link -

Keep rocking on like that.




hey Rod! Thank you so much for your support, of course you can share this project on your blog or even of your other social media accounts. cause i need to reach more people with project. cause i want to share more and more stories with you guys. please share and support.
All the best,


Cool brow. I will do it for sure.