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Shia LeBeof motivating Superman to kill Zod!


I love this



That’s hilarious!


Hahahahahaha I hate Shia just a little less now.



Also, this thread needs more Shia LebBeouf!


Hahaha. That’s the first think I thought of when I saw this thread. I love that video.


Le Beouf? I finally have it figured.

LeBeof always wanted to be Wil Wheaton,

Wil Wheaton wanted to be Ron Howard.

Ron Howard wanted to be Jay North.

Jay North wanted to be me,

I wanted to be anybody else.

Identity crisis!


Where does Kevin Bacon fit into that?


He wanted to be Shia, duh! :wink:


Did he tank up on Red Bull and Nike commercials before this? Is he seriously flexing to accentuate his points? Did TED Talk really sponsor his talk?!? I hope someday LeBeouf pulls a Joaquin Phoenix and says his life is all a big performance piece. Nevermind, that’s just as bad. :wink:


I think it’s more likely that it’s someone else’s big performance piece that he ripped off.


Shia released a motivational video where he talks in front of a green screen. It had the desired effect.


Holy crap. I thought he was back on track but he seems to have some seriously diminishing mental health.


It was part of an arts project with a London university, I believe. I think he did other videos too but this is the one that really took off. They were all scripted and directed so it’s not as spontaneous and unhinged as it seems.


A little more information:


If it was something scripted by someone else, I don’t feel as bad for him now. Though it does play to a certain instability he was at least seemed to have in the past.

Most of his lines remind me of a rather sad story I read earlier this week where a girl talked her boyfriend into commiting suicide. His lines are almost exactly the texts that she sent before he went through with it.


It definitely plays to his public persona. Which seems to be what his work mostly consists of these days.


At this point, it’s become impossible to tell whether he’s been simulating a mental breakdown as an art project, or whether he’s had a mental breakdown (is in the process of having one), but has managed to find a way to turn it into popular art.

It’s quite fascinating, really. And in contrast to, say, Charlie Sheen, he is at least to some extent doing this on purpose.

The speech is apparently part of the same collaboration that spawned the #IAmSorry exhibition, which consisted of Shia sitting in a room with a bag over his head and with implements, and the spectator being able to just sit with him.

Always liked that one (much as it is just a variation on Abramovic’s The Artist Is Present), but I’m now reading that apparently, he was raped during the exhibition… huh.


That is a little messed up. He wouldn’t break character to stop it?


That’s what I was thinking, Art be damned! (unless he is into that kind of thing)


I think it’s pretty clear Shia has some issues, which he’ll sometime cover by pretending it’s art or some shit. I hope he figures out how to find happiness and peace.