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Sherlock - SPOILER discussion


Thought it might be worth having a dedicated Sherlock thread in advance of the new series starting tonight.


Happy New Sherlock Day! :slight_smile:


So, any predictions? Not in terms of story but if it was actually worth the wait? I’ll tell you one thing, it’s sure to be better than this Open All Hours shite that’s on now.


I’m very much hoping it’s back to the proper mysteries of earlier episodes, as opposed to the self-examination of last year’s special, but we’ll see. Let’s just say I could live without Moriarty ever appearing in the show again.


I was going to use the phrase “staring up its own arsehole” in my prediction above but couldn’t quite word it as elequantly as you did just there Dave!


From what Moffat has said in interviews it seems like Moriarty is gone. Replaced by Toby Jones’ new villain. He could be lying of course.


Nothing happy about this shit!

Fuck John,
Fuck Sherlock and
Damn you Mary!

That was a Kick in the heart, Right there!


Wank. Stopped paying attention when the data pen appeared and it became clear it was another “big arc” piece.

Ah well, now Mary’s dead it’ll hopefully end all such wankery and we can get back to actually solving mysteries.


Except I saw it coming so didn’t give a shit about it.

It was good for the first hour then in the last 30 mins, it went up its own arse, through the guts, up through the liver and stomach and vomited itself outwardly in a great projectile spew.

Also, it’s one thing to have flawed characters but having Watson be a cheating arsehole is overkill and total shite.

Shame really, that first hour was excellent, then it all went to shite.

EDIT: Other problems now I think of them:

Moriarty is boring, just stop talking about the fucker - he’s done, torched, dead, gone.

The bigger problem is they’ve overplayed the arsehole effect on both the leads so I’m finding it hard to care about them anymore.


John’s thing was a kick in the taint alright!

But I get the impression it wasn’t a physical thing. But its a still a betrayal.
At his line about a “Vow!” Aoife shouted " So did you DICKHEAD!"


Problem I have is that Warson shouldn’t be that.


Yeah – I was all tralalalala, Sherlock is back.
And I figured out the first mystery. Admittedly it was obvious, but still.
And, yay, not one, but two pupsys.

And some fun dialogue, “Give the people what they want.”
“No, don’t do that. The people are stupid.”

And then… :sob:

I didn’t like John’s betrayal. If I can’t even trust Watson, what man can I trust?

I thought it was a good episode.


I think the biggest problen I have with it is I expected better from Gatiss.

Instead it goes straight to some really bad story devices, but only in the last 30 mins. That first hour was great fun.


I thought the performances made the last part work. I wonder what the writers’ plans are regarding Sherrinford.


Loved the first half, a real return to form.

By the time we got to Watson sexting I was literally (and annoyingly) saying outloud, “I don’t care.”

There’s a million dramas where infidelity is a vital and dramatic engine for meaningful and amazing stories.

But in a Sherlock Holmes story it’s best used as a motive that Holmes uncovers in a case. I’m not interested in them adding bloody soap opera plots to this mess.


Someone has just told me that the name of the bloodhound, Toby, is that same as the bloodhound in ‘Basil the Great Mouse Detective’?

I do hope that was Gatiss having fun and not a coincidence. :slight_smile:


Glad it wasn’t just me. Unfortunately, Moffat’s constant ‘meta’ navel-gazing stories put me off Doctor Who too. The guy doesn’t understand how to demonstrate character traits by showing them in the light of the story’s events; instead he shovels them directly down our necks. Big yawn from me.


Toby the dog was a semi-recurring character in Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, first appearing in “The Sign of the Four”.


Ah so Disney got it from the books.

Honestly, that’s not quite as much fun as Gatiss referencing the animated movie.


Finished watching it today after abandoning it halfway through last night.

I have to say, I think the show has finally perfected the formula of distilling the spirit of Sherlock Holmes down to its absolute essence: an increasingly convoluted militaristic thriller about the secret espionage-based double-life of Watson’s spouse.

Wait, what?