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SFL HELP- need an assist


Hi SFLers!

I’m at a wedding and have made a foolish statement!

I said there were at least 17 reasons why the hulk was better than Darth Vader, and have been challenged to state them.

Whether you agree or not, surely between us we can mange 17 that a lay person would accept!

Will anyone accept the challenge and help me out?

  1. The Hulk is stronger.
  2. Darth Vader doesn’t have purple pants.
  3. The Hulk can pass through airport metal-detectors without incident.

I’m struggling now to be honest.


Darth Vader is dead, Hulk is alive…
Light sabre is irrelevant to Hulk…

It’s tough!

Set myself a difficult target

Cheers Dave!


A raging Hulk would probably not be affected by Force mind tricks as he has multiple personalities .

The Hulk is faster.

The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets and Hulk is strongest one there is!!!

If the is being controlled by an intelligent personality, he would be smarter than Vader.

A light sabre wouldn’t affect the Hulk. (Let’s be honest, a Star Destroyer wouldn’t stand a chance!)

I’m sure that Hulk emits a low level of gamma radiation that may affect Vader and his electronics.


The Hulk has at least 17 pairs of purple pants, job done.


I suppose the question at the heart of he matter is whether or not a light sabre can cut Hulk’s self healing flesh. If Hulk heals faster than the sabre deals damage Vader doesn’t stand a chance.


To be honest I don’t know that Darth Vader doesn’t have purple pants, I’m just assuming they’re black.

Maybe that point should be removed from my list as speculative.


Vader doesn’t have real legs does he? No need for pants.


Hulk isn’t the Emperor’s bitch
Hulk isn’t an absentee father
Hulk doesn’t need a fancy suit to stay alive


Darth Vader never did anything as badass as this:


Hulk does have some children that he hasn’t always been there for.


Really? I didn’t know about that!


From Wikipedia:

Banner had a stillborn child with Betty, while the Hulk has two sons with his deceased second wife Caiera Oldstrong, Skaar and Hiro-Kala, and his DNA was used to create a daughter named Lyra with Thundra the warrior woman.

Also, there is a female Scorpion:

She appears in Incredible Hulk #87, a one-shot story that takes place immediately after House of M. Peter David, who wrote her appearances in Hulk, made suggestions that Bruce Banner may be her biological father.

  1. Hulk has a healing factor. Vader doesn’t.
  2. Vader’s robotic limbs are quite fragile. One Hulk punch and he could pull them off.
  3. There’s no evidence that the force push is stronger than Hulk’s strength.
  4. Hulk can do the sonic hand clap which Vader can’t block.
  5. Hulk can pound the ground and Vader can lose his footing.
  6. Vader is an old man, he’s not athletic enough to dodge Hulk punches.
  7. Vader gets easily winded in fights - we saw that when he fought Luke.
  8. Hulk gets stronger as he gets angrier. Vader won’t anticipate that.
  9. Hulk was able to lift a mountain in Secret Wars. Vader hasn’t shown that level of TK strength.
  10. Hulk’s punches can come faster than normal human punches - they come at super speed. Vader wouldn’t be able to react quickly enough
  11. Hulk’s leaping ability means he can get away from short range force attacks and fly towards Vader at greater than 100 mph.
  12. Hulks skin has resisted the Human Torches Nova Force. No guarantee the lightsaber even cuts him.
  13. Hulk is a skilled gladiator fighter from his time on Planet Hulk. Vader has never faced the same training.
  14. Hulk has made a life out of fighting superpowered enemies. Vader has mostly fought normal humans.
  15. Hulk can throw debris at Vader, so much and so large that he couldn’t block them all.
  16. Force choking won’t help as the Hulk has survived without breathing for long periods on several occasions.
  17. Force mind control won’t work on the Hulk as he’s shown repeatedly he can break free of mind control when provoked.

Ask yourself, could Superman take out Darth Vader? If so, then so could Hulk.


So now can we do reasons why Darth Vader is better than the Hulk?

  1. Cooler clothes
  2. Better theme song
  3. Doesn’t speak about himself in the third person
  4. Hulk is green and cross, but Vader was played by the Green Cross Code man


  • The Hulk doesn’t get winded in the middle of sentences.

  • The Hulk wasn’t a whiny little brat that got Liam Neeson killed.


Good work gents!
I knew I could rely on you! Are there any thoughts afoot for a future SFL? I miss the completely unnecessary and yet entirely satisfying arguing


Nathan did a good job killing the SFL, but honestly I don’t think it can be topped from previous runs and I’m not sure we have the same crowd any more. Plus I don’t have the free time and I think Nathan is busy too. I think it best to enjoy it for the brilliant time it was, a triumph of the forum, and let it have it’s day in the past.


I think the VFL was the zenith. Jim lost complete control at the end and that was a glorious thing. Sean did a poll based SFL which was fun but I don’t think the passion was there anymore. Nathan tried a create-a-comic book thing that died shortly after it started.

It takes a lot of time and energy to run it and participate in it and like Jim, I don’t have the free to do it. Besides, I’m STILL burned out after the VFL!

There was a special energy at the board during those years that has not been present for the last couple of years. There is a new energy with the new board but I think it’s different than before. It’s too soon to tell.

I can see a day where it’s resurrected but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.


Hulky could fart at Vader and kill him.

The other 16 reasons are superfluous.

:wind_chime: <- no, that’s a wind chime!