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Serious, experienced illustrator needed for erotic/mature comic (2)


Hallo all,

[Note: this is a repost as I am still looking for the right person]

I am seeking a skilled, experienced comic illustrator to work with me (experienced
writer) to make a comic series that contains sexual content.

This is a serious undertaking that I hope expands to a bigger, commercially viable series. I plan to publish on Lezhin (English) (, and believe there is great potential in the story.

I need an artist who is totally comfortable with discussing and drawing explicit content. S/he can approach this with a ‘serious mind’, committed to getting the locations, anatomies, emotions, action etc. right and ensure this is a top-quality title.S/he will perform the whole range of work on the art side, from initial layout/pencils to final art.

Of course, there will be payment. To negotiate at the next step.

The project will hopefully look like the titles below (I am seeking a Jap/Korean comic style, full colour art). Warning: explicit content —

Please contact me directly for queries or to discuss further – teddy.days (at)

Have a great day,