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Selling Super-Valuable me...


Okay, so, a friend of the family came to me, knowing of my lifelong obsession with comic books. She told me that she has an older friend with a massive comic collection that he is too lazy and unmotivated to sell. He told her that she could do it for him and take a cut of whatever money is made. Now, both my family friend and this guy (we’ll call him “Guy” for the sake of the narrative,) are a bit older, and neither of them really want to deal with the hassle of selling comics. So, she asked me to help her out (re: “do it for her”) in exchange for a cut. I kind of rolled my eyes and said “yeah, sure,” kind of knowing full well that the collection was probably worthless, probably a bunch of beat up, moth-eaten yellow-page nonsense worth ten cents a piece on the high end.

Oh, no. No no no. Guy has what looks to be damn near every pertinent DC comic published since 1935. Bagged, boarded, graded, and cataloged on an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve never seen anything like it. He has a Detective 27, professionally graded an VF-. He has every issue of the Superman from 1939. The entire run. Almost every issue of the Batman series that started in 1940. His Action Comics collection starts at 3 and doesn’t stop. Every Justice League comic from 1960 except for, apparently, Issue 12.

So, my brain is basically melting right now. I’ve done a few days’ worth of research, but I kind of hoped people here might have done something similar to this before. So… any advice? Thoughts?


Yes. Talk to both and immediately form a LLC - limited liability company. Assign all comics to the company as initial assets. This will require a complete inventory. Insure them and the company for 4x assessed value. During this, examine brokers and auction houses. You will probably end up with Sotheby’s. Talk to their experts, piece the collection out? Probably. Pay their cut, let them do the work.


So you don’t recommend going with the online guys like or


Not for this type of collection. This is not comics at random in boxes. There is a unity and history to the collection itself that adds value. The market is therefore People With Money, and that means upgrading to auction houses. The auctioneers I know are probably really old or dead at this point, or I’d refer you directly. My mom was a property appraiser and antiques dealer, so this is stuff I’ve known all my life.


Miqques probably right - if the value is in the 100,000s of dollars then auctioning them off is exactly what you should do.

Forming an LLC and insuring them is smart too, but it will take a cut of the profit.

Heritage Auctions deals with that sort of thing. - although, if we’re talking Millions of dollars, it’s probably a better idea to go to a more exclusive auction house.



Talk to your local comic store too. They might know some wealthy private collectors. If you auction house this they want a large chunk, and you can’t really EBay this kind of collection.


Another idea, and probably your best bet to be frank, is to ship the entire collection to me - that’s with all the grading certificates and packaging - and I’ll take care of it for you.

No mess no fuss!


Filing fee for an LLC in Colorado is $50. Insurance, another $50 (Allstate guesstimate).



Oh, I think insurance on a million dollar collection, give or take, would be more than $50.


Too short-term, that would be a 30-day premium for half-mil, assuming storage in safe location already insured (more of a rider).


There isn’t an insurer on earth that would insure this collection for $50!


You really are not all that Machiavellian, are you? :laughing:

Call buddy in insurance, get rider on standing policy, he gets bonus from company, and commission ($2.50) plus fresh customer contact so he can both “reassess your insurance needs” and puts agent in prime position for couple about to get married and come into some money. Good grief!


I think that’s called Insurance Fraud, Miqque :wink:


Not after January 20th! Then it’s called “being smart”.




Look, finding a dealer for them will be a major hassle and you probably don’t want to go through that, so I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you £50 for the lot, and even come and pick them up free of charge.

To be honest, the missing JLA #12 is almost a dealbreaker, but I know you and like you so I’m willing to overlook that and make the offer anyway.


I’ll offer 50 American DOLLARS; davidm’s pounds aren’t worth much since Brexit.


Hi, why not donate to charity? check out They are an IRS 501©3 non profit organization. As well as receiving a tax deduction you will also help others in need. It’s much easier than selling and getting what they are actually worth.


Is this for real? Almost a year later? Weird way to troll, man.

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