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Selkirk Art Dump! ...:D


thanks for comments …and yeah it’s a bit of a worry. but im still struggling with arms and legs(exaggerated style helps me cope)…thinking is once i get more comfortable with forms i can dial it back for more conventional look when needed. still banging away at practice board!

oh and cuma (relative of carrion crawlers ^^;…:D)…and a duergar sergeant



onward! …:smiley:




I really like your art. That crooked anatomy is strangely appealing.

Do you have any sequentials?


oh sequentials …:faint:…:D. going to try to work up some short fantasy pages hopefully in next month or so! but right now its just sketches/figures


Yup, sign me up as another really enjoying these. I like the ‘gloopy’ linework, reminds me of P. Craig Russell.

Only thing, I’d love to see these worked up a bit more - adding spot blacks and some ink shading … at the moment they look very much like ideas and not actual pieces as there’s no light source or sense of weight to them (which is appealing in its own way, but would be nice to see them realised further).


@MichaelRea thanksso much for comments :sunglasses:! i actually like that term ‘gloopy’…it’s kind of how it feels when the lines are flowing good :D. and p craig russell mention made my week! (he’s one of my art heroes).

and yeah i’m still trying to find some shading/shadow that will work…right now all i got in toolbox is a bit of crosshatching ^^;. and part of it is im still working on form…the other part is frankly i don’t know what the hell im doing with shadows :D. but forms are coming along and im gonna start practicing some shading(i might just copy oliver coipel as best i can :XD:).



Do you mind if I share a couple of these with some friends who are Legion fans?


please do…i had some fun with those. going to try to work up a few more legion too!


Your style is perfect for them, I’m very impressed :slight_smile:







Wow that Red Riding Hood… pretty sure that’s not the bedtime story I was told.


@Yuri indeed :smiley: