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Self-publishing - Artists wanted



After submitting to the Millarworld annual I feel like this is the perfect place to look for artists (and writers) who are wanting to collaborate and nudge their way into the comic book industry. At least I hope so.
My names Michael and I’m a writer, can’t draw for $#!% and could use the help of some artists to help bring some of my work to life. Helping to design characters and bring life to my words. I’m sure a lot of artists want to illustrate their own work, but hopefully this would benefit both myself as writer and any artists out their willing to participate in this project.

I’ve written several short 1-4 page scripts, some of which were submitted (and rejected) to 2000 AD as ‘Futureshock’ scripts.

I’m a recent graduate with an MA in Scriptwriting, for which I got a distinction and won an award for best in the class, so I hope that will give you a little faith in my abilities.
I’ve written superhero, fantasy, horror and supernatural scripts, which are only four pages long and hopefully wouldn’t be too time consuming for any artists wanting to work with me. To be honest, as a recent graduate I don’t have much money, but would be willing to pay a small fee per page.

The aim of this endeavor is to self-publish my work online, helping to build a portfolio for myself and others (giving credit where it’s due and helping to promote others work), whilst proving that WE have the skill of working as a team.

If anyone’s interested please feel free to email me at or read some notes on my blog at I’d also love to see anyone else self-published work and definitely keen on collaborating with other writers.


Michael J. Lyle


Hey there,

So I am a writer with a degree in fine arts. I have never done comics/sequencing, etc, before, so I don’t really know what I am doing. I am about to illustrate a short comic, regardless, for another writer on here.

I think I might want to learn the drawing part of comics in case I end up having to illustrate my own stuff, and I wouldn’t mind practicing on other people’s work… If you don’t mind an artist who doesn’t know what they are doing messing with your words, go ahead and send me something very short. I prefer dark character driven stuff.

(*I’d have to finish the other comic that I am about to start before starting another, but I wouldn’t mind a script running around in my head for a few weeks - before setting pencil to paper.)

If you are interested, just message me. If you’d rather hold out for the - literally - hundreds of already trained, talented, and experienced artists on here… no worries.


I’m happy to work with anyone that’s interested to be honest. I’ve written several short scripts already and a lot planned, but even so I doubt that many people will be interested, simply because it seems most people want to work on their own stuff.

I’d love to see some of your work if you’ve got anything to show? My portfolio has been updated today so that you can view a brief synopsis of the comic scripts I’ve written. If there’s one that stands out to you let me know and I’ll send it over:


Instead of having to go onto my blog, here’s the list of 4 pagers I wrote hoping to get published by 2000AD:

WOLVES is the story of a boy named Peter, who’s sister disappears from a trip to the zoo. Peter then spends years of his life dedicated to finding her, which leads him down a supernatural path with dark answers.

ATOMIC 10 – “A science-fiction crime story which links the death of a race car driver, Rox Rider and the disappearance of a crime lord’s son.”

TETHERED. After John Ryan awakes from a coma he believes he is able to see the souls of murder victims who are now bound to their killers. With no memory prior to the car crash that landed him in a coma, John has no idea whose soul is tethered to him.

SECOND CHANCE. When a black hole looms over a city in riot, Robbie Morgan has less than 24 hours to make amends with his ex-wife and son before the world is swallowed.


Excellent! I’ll message you in a moment…