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Seeking (Aspiring) Artists to Practice Collaboration


Millarworld Aspiring Artists,

To be blunt off the bat, this is not a paid gig. This is just to practice our respective crafts. Right now I’m not looking to sell or put a project out there, nor do I intend to take whatever may be created in this and use it for anything besides my own learning process - so seekers of fame and fortune, I can’t offer it. Also being honest - I am a poor student, so that factors in too. Haha if you haven’t given up reading by this point, continue below.

I’ve been reading through Brian Michael Bendis’ book “Writing for Pictures”, in which he talks about learning how to write for artists and be a good collaborator in the whole process. I want to practice writing for an artist as well as be a part of the learning process for an aspiring artist in collaboration with a writer. This would be a partnership to practice the disciplines necessary in the industry beyond just writing/artistry - it would be about learning how to collaborate with other creators well.

This would be a process for both of us to learn and grow in the disciplines necessary to be a excellent collaborator across the board - becoming consistent and dependable within deadlines, being flexible in the collaborating process, creating stories together, and learning how to communicate and write a script for an artist and vice versa - learning and practicing how to draw for a writer - and networking with aspiring artists.

Just to say this - I’m an aspiring writer. You’re an aspiring artist (Unless you’re a professional artist and want to reach out to me, that’s more than fine - I’m talking to you Jim Lee). Neither of us are perfect by a long shot - at least I’m not - and I’m totally fine with that. That’s part of this whole experience - continuing to practice the craft and the disciplines surrounding that craft to become better in our respective skills and talents.

If that interests you and you think this kind of arrangement could work and we could be could a good fit for each other - whatever the heck that means on your end - reach out and I’ll send you an example of a script.

Wumbo (not my real name)