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See ALL the variant covers for April's Empress #1


Me. Immonen. Sci-fi. Covers. Words. Prices. SO EXCITING.



I really like the McNiven cover.


Very nice, but I think I like Stuart’s best.


I agree. Variants are cool but it’s rare that I prefer them over the regular artist’s cover.


You have the GREATESTS artists on all your comics.


I really am spoiled. This year in particular. Drawing the books now and over the next 2-3 months are…

Greg Capullo
Stuart Immonen
Frank Quitely
Sean Gordon Murphy
Rafael Albuqueque
Jae Lee

Neither Marvel not DC has a line up of that quality and I’m not kidding. I’d say each company maybe has 2-3 artists at that level working for them, which really genuinely just shows how spoiled I am with these guys. The pages coming through by email my favourite treat. LOVE them.

Other people I’m keen to work with at some point, though not sure when as schedule is so tight with the movies happening at the same time as all the comic sequels…

Amy Reeder
Scottie Young
Adam Hughes
Rafael Grampa
Travis is a God, but the chances are so slim, of course.
Sara Pichelli
Olivier Coipiel



Those look great, I LOVE this one:


Would love to see you work with Grampa.


in other words


Fiona Staples
JH Williams III
Chris Samnee??


Fiona is maybe my favourite artist working today, but even I don’t want to mess with Saga :slightly_smiling:



As a fan of SAGA, I thank you. :slight_smile:


I have almost this exact thought when I think of suggesting collaborators for Millarworld.


Now that I read the issue, I’m ready!

Skottie’s so wonderful! You know what might be fun? Maybe not Empress, but what about a contest for artists to try to guess the final cover in a series? What could it be? A range from that last Wanted panel to something outrageously Huck.

And make 'em work fast! Two weeks max!

I think of this as “writer’s revenge”. :laughing:


I’m late to this one. But, yes Fiona and Saga are amazing. Favourite artist working today seems a bit extreme, but only because picking one artist out of many greats is not something I really do, in any medium. Too bad you didn’t nab her before Archie got her though. Maybe she’s your Hit-Girl artist? That would be bad ass. I feel she’s wasted on Archie, but that’s partly because I think Archie should always look like Archie. Maybe she’s not on that book anymore?