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Secret history of Hit Girl & Big Daddy???


Hey 'sup… So I was browsing through comixology and stumbled upon this… I don’t know if it’s a known thing or not, but found it amusing and curious… I’ll post just some pages as to not infringe on any kind of copyrights or whatever…

But what do you think? is this the secret origin of Hit Girl & Big Daddy? Just coincidence? =P


They could just as easily have been based on Leon and Mathilda in the film Leon: The Professional.


No yeah, I know, but I immediatly associated that cover with Big Daddy… 'cause, you know…

It’s kinda like a retroactive crossover of sorts :smile:


They’re interesting characters from a great run (more Nocenti/JR jr Daredevil needs to be in print!), but I think the similarities to Big Daddy and Hit Girl are pretty superficial (and even then, not that close - not least given that the kid in those pages is a boy!).

Nocenti’s characters are played much more straight and seriously, their backgrounds are quite different, and the relationship overall is much darker.


Yeah, those Daredevil characters have almost nothing in common with BD/HG, and the trope of the single parent mentoring a youngster in the ways of violence isn’t exactly something created by Nocenti or Millar, although they each put their own individual spin on it (and both used John Romita Jr. to help them).

There are probably more famous examples of this trope in comics if you wanted to choose one.

I don’t know, nothing’s coming to mind right now, though.


You guys do realize that it’s a tongue in cheek post because of the JRJR connection, right? :smile:

Come on! embrace the silly =P


Nice find, a quick glance at the panels (especially the cover) does bring BD and HG to mind. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think you tried to post something inflammatory and are now trying to back out of it when it was explained how stupid your premise is.


Okay then sure whatever… Erase the tread if you want… Jesus…


Thanks, I also thought it was a neat find, but there you go apparently I’m flaming… :expressionless: