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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Really really really like this one! Lovely shading and colors to the distance! We see a good bit in Colorado, and it’s hard to get that logarithmic change. Cool beans.


pencils and inks by Brad van Geest

This one is actually for me! I commissioned Brad to draw a caricature picture of my car so I could colour it :+)

…Guess what colour my car is…?


Pencils and inks by ‘digiflohw’ Karl Ratanasin
colours by me


My last car was a Mazda 6 and I loved it. We traded it in on a CX-5 for my wife which I also enjoy. I really like Mazda’s red especially on the new 6. It has so much depth to it.


New Mazda 6 is a nice looking car. I’ve got a 2006 model and still am pleased with its looks. One of the best rear light setups on the road, IMO!


pencils and inks by Art Thibert

commission work.


pencils by Marc Silvestri
inks by Matt James
colours by me


pencils and inks by Guile Sharp
colours by me

Ragnorok is here :stuck_out_tongue:


Sharing this with an ex-MWer and two pros.


goodo! :slight_smile:


pencils = Marc Silvestri
inks = Joe Weems

Wayyyyy back in 2004 I coloured this one. Much the same as it is here but then due to a virus and a HDD corruption its one of the few pics that I lost the master PSD file for. So I decided to redo it and fix up all the little things that had been bugging me since 2004… :slight_smile:

Here’s the 2004 version for comparison:


Pencils by David Finch and inks by Jimmy Reyes
Jimmy was nice enough to send me his highres inks to have a shot at :slight_smile:

It’s been over a year since I last coloured a David Finch picture…


Batman and Butch! Well done!


pencils by dmitry grebenkov

Dmitry sent me the lines to play with for this one over a year ago and its been sitting flatted on my HDD for ages… so finished it off :slight_smile:


Pencils by Eric Basaldua
Inks by Matt James.



Pencils by Ebas and inks by Matt James

I had a bit of fun tweaking that Fathom I coloured earlier this week… :slight_smile:


Hey I know! Let’s colour a picture using EVERY COLOUR KNOWN TO MAN!.. That’ll be fun…! :slight_smile:

pencils = J Scott Campbell, inks = Brian Skipper, colours = Me


pencils by Tyler Kirkham
inks by Matt ‘Batt’ Banning
colours by me

I have over 40Gb of collected high res lineart and occasionally things get… lost… I had completely forgotten I had this one.


I like the colors! The bow, and especially the arrow, are of course totally ridiculous and unworkable. I’m going to show this one to Amell - he likes a good laugh!


pencils by Joe Benitez
inks by ‘k-omer’ over on deviantart
colours by me…