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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Pencils by Brett Booth, inks by Ben Jones and colours by me

I’ve never coloured a Brett Booth pic before, or Firestorm for that matter.


wow! You blew my mind!


pencils by Terry Dodson and inks by Jerry Skipper

With a marathon 5 hours of solid marking of tests and exams today, after 2 hours on Saturday and another 1.5 hours worth on Friday, this was my cupcake sitting on the end of the treadmill! :slight_smile:


pencils and inks by Jason Metcalf
colours by me

Comic con prints commission


pencils and inks by Daniel Leister and colour by me

available September 2017


Cool beans! You managed to keep the “look and feel” of the old pulp EC stuff and still do more modern color. Very nice.


pencils and inks by Jason Metcalf
colours by me

comic con commission print pinup


Whole thing is spot on, I particularly like the gargoyle.


pencils by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau
colours by me.



pencils and inks by Cam Adams
colours by me


This one went into saved images. Damn, that’s good, son!


pencils and inks by Eric Johnson
colours by me

available October 2017


Pencils by Brett Booth and inks by Matt ‘Batt’ Banning

This is a commission piece that Brett B drew for Royce Viso. After Royce got Batt to ink it I saw it on Batt’s facebook page and (as usual) asked if I could colour it… He put me onto Royce and a week or so ago, Royce sent the high res over and said “See what you can do with it…”

So this is what I did with it! :slight_smile:



Heh. One critic pointed out that if one looks very, very carefully at the Cyborg segment of BvS, one can see, on the right for just a moment, a Parademon. You managed to use color in a really similar manner and with the wee critters there rather evoked the same effect! Cool!

That fellow really needs that left thigh looked at though, looks swollen.


pencils by Mike Turner and inks by Allen Chickering, colours by me

Allen has been sending me his highres ink scans for YEARS now and I’ve never gotten around to colouring one of them. It was starting to get embarrassing… :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

So I’ve (finally) coloured this one… :slight_smile:
(Original published colours by Peter Steigerfeld)



Am I the only one who wants to see Namor versus Aquaman?


pencils and inks by Eric Johnson, colours by me

Now out in solicits for November 2017


pencils and inks by Iury Padilha

Iury has the highres inks to this one stashed away in secret in his folder for anyone who wants to colour it…! :slight_smile: -->


C.H.E.S.S Rewards Cover
pencils by: Dody Eka and inks by John Sobie, colours by me

This will be a rewards cover for Paige Alfred 's current Kickstarter, so go over there and support it so this can see the light of day in print!!! :slight_smile:


pencils by Eric Basaldua
inks by James Goodwin
fan colours by me…

Yeah, this took a while…

(Original published colours by Nei Ruffino)