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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Really like this one. Well done!


Pencils and inks by DJ McKinnon, colours by me

Many many years ago (like, over 10 years ago I think) DJ sent me the highres inks to this one , and it promptly got lost in the dark pit that is my 19.8Gb of stashed lineart on my HDD.

So, as I’m waiting to see if Zenescope has any work for me this month, I stumbled across it and decided to colour it up! :slight_smile:


pencils by Eric Basaldua and inks by Tony Kordos with colours by me of course.

Another picture that has spent at least 3 years partially done because I could never decide on what sort of background to have with it. Once that got settled, the rest all fell into place over a single night. :slight_smile:

Generally my idea is that KF is an aquatic alien so here he is in a lava/volcano/fire pit, which for an aquatic creature must be a very uncomfortable place, so that’s why he’s looking so pissed off… :stuck_out_tongue:


pencils by Daniel Campos and inks by Chance Wolf

Chance will use this as a con print this year so keep an eye out for it!



pencils by mike turner
inks by mark roslan
colours by me

** You’ll need to click on the picture to see the fullsized image…

I got the highres to this one off Mark R when the Aspen guys came down to Perth Australia about 3 years ago, so decided to knock up the colours for it (finally!)


pencils and inks by Jamie Tyndall, colours by me

Commission piece for comic con posters etc 2017


pencils and inks by Gibson Quarter

commission pic - expect to see this as a print on the convention circuit for 2017


Your colors are gorgeous! Love it!


pencils and inks by Eric Johnson

available May 2017


pencils by Mike DeBalfo
inks by Kraig Przybylski (who seriously needs to buy a vowel for his name… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Mad busy with assessment marking for work/school at the moment so got this one out of my ‘almost made it’ backlog from last year and finished it off


Click the image for the fullsize span

pencils by Ace Continuado
inks by Matt James
colours by me

Frank meets up with the Walking Dead.

There are 4 basic types of backgrounds IMO - clouds/sky, splatters, stone, and flames. This one gets flames this time… Mainly because I couldn’t think of anything else.


pencils = Ardian Syaf
inks = Jeff Graham

I’ve never coloured a pic by Ardian Syaf before now…


pencils and inks by Juan Jose Ryp
colours by me

Cover work for Richard Boom -


pencils by John Royle and inks by “Jagdish”

Lots of fun to do! :slight_smile:


The Christmas lights really make it pop. :slight_smile:


pencils by Jim Lee
inks by Joe Vitzen

Somewhat delayed colours thanks to paying work and a few other things getting in the way. At first I tried a space/stars background and that looked like crap. Then I tried clouds and stuff, and that looked worse, so in the end this ended up just being a colour study of the original published colours (by Sincolor I believe…???)


Love the feeling of “falling into a tree” you evoked.


Just insane!!! And that coloring makes it HAPPEN!!!


pencils by Mike Turner
inks by Joe Weems


Trippy use of transparencies! Me like!