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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Okay to share this one?


What do you mean “OK to share”…?

The lineart to this one has been sitting on my HDD for over 8 years. It was published 8 years ago, and I’ve just done some fanart colours on it now acknowledging the P & I credit.

I don’t think there’s any problem with posting my colours here online!..


I’m pretty sure he’s asking if he can share it with someone else. If I’m not mistaken, Miqque talks to Jimmy Palmiotti a bit online.


Ronnie is spot on. I was ASKING! :laughing:
Thought Jimmy would like to see this.

He did. Comment: “nice job!!!”

Right. Three exclamation points.

There ya go!


Oh, in that case… Share away!! :slight_smile:

… And… Wicked! He really liked it??..!


Yup. About eight others too, at this point.

I had the feeling we were dealing with a bit of a lack of self-confidence here!


pencils by Billy Tan and inks by Matt Banning

I saw Matt post this unused Thor cover on his Facebook page and so asked him if he could send me a highres to play with… and he did! :slight_smile:

It was only 2000-ish x 3000-ish at 200dpi, so smaller than usual but still usable though some of the finer detailing is lacking as a result… Still, I think its come out ok.



pencils and inks by John Royle



Pencils by Marc Silvestri and inks by Matt James

Killjoy is a really fun character to colour :slight_smile:
Velocity has had better days by the look of it though… :stuck_out_tongue:


Pencils and inks by Vince M Valdiva, colours by me

I saw Vince post the pencilled outline to this one on a facebook entry for Artgerm and asked him if I could have a highres copy… and he sent them to me!

I like doing this kind of very fine-line lineart (but it’s a bugger to flat!) as it really allows you to push the colouring skills rather than rely on the lineart for light direction, shadows etc. Plus I’ve always wanted to colour Tracer from Overwatch. Mainly for her yellow pants and the weathered leather jacket effect which was cool to do. :slight_smile:

As usual I wasted most of one night just stuffing about with the background and at one stage had all sorts of stars and crap going on in there. Then promptly ditched it for this the very next session…


Pencils by J S Campbell
Inks by Jerry Skipper

As there’s apparently some sort of scifi movie opening tomorrow that involves these guys in some small way I thought I’d do a Star Wars picture…
(original published coloured by Nei Ruffino)

As I didn’t have the overlay inks of Han, Luke and Chewie for R2’s projector hologram I went and found this schematic map of the Death Star instead.


Zenescope Tales of Terror 3B

pencils and inks by Gregbo Watson and colours by me

Now out in solicitations for March 2017 -->


Pencils and inks by Jason Metcalf

Deathstroke having fun in the snow…:slight_smile:


pencils by Stanley 'Artgerm" Lau

Stan made the highres lineart and flats available for a Christmas colour exercise so here’s my bash at it :slight_smile:


tweaks and edits…


pencils by paolo pantalena (pant) and inks by denis ‘dym’ freitas


I like the edited version a lot more, though I can’t put my finger on why. It looks like you just made the dress darker and everything else lighter… or did you do something more subtle that I haven’t registered?


I basically pushed most of it towards the blue end and added some more highlights

The hassle with the first one is that most of the colour values were too similar. Here it now has more contrast against the skintone and background


pencils by Robert Doan
inks by Dan Prado
colours by me…

These classic characters are pretty easy to do thanks to the bold block chunks of colour area… :slight_smile:


pencils by Michael Magallanes
inks by pendecon on deviantart

This picture has been at least 3 years in the making…Maybe 4… I first got the high res pencils from Ashkel and then sat on them for a while. I tried adjusting the levels to make it darker and clearer. Didn’t work. I tried using dodge and burn on the B&W’s… nope. Finally I flatted the pencils and tried to start to shade it. Just looked meh…

So eventually I posted a journal on deviantart and on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to ink it properly. A whole bunch of people said yes, but to date I’ve only gotten inks from Slackersquad and Pendecon here. I swapped in Slackerquad’s inks and started shading stuff but then Pendecon’s came along and I’m truly sorry Slackersquad, but his were just that bit better… so I swapped out the inks layer again and continued…

So here it is, done, finished, that’s it, enough. I can now put this picture behind me and move on… finally.