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Sean's Thread of Coloured Stuff


Dark Shaman

pencils by Mike Krome
inks by Cole Brustad

I’ve had this semi-flatted on my HDD for a while now but after meeting Mike Krome at Supanova Comic Con here in Perth I decided to finish it off.
Original published colours by Ula Mos



pencils by Stanley Artgerm Lau of course

Back in 2014 Artgerm made this picture available for all and sundry to have a crack at. (The lineart is still here on his DA gallery if you want it) So I dived straight onto it, got it done as quick as I could so I could be one of the first to show it off… and completely narfed it up…

So I went back and tried revisions, changed things here and there, adjusted values and tints, reworked over the top of existing shading, and all I did was make things look worse. I completely stuffed up her skintones, narfed up the hair and the background sucked…

So having had some time this past 2 weeks being on term break from teaching and all, I decided to give it another go. I ditched everything except the red bikini, which is about all I did get right, and started over… and took my time. Even so I think I’ve still stuffed up the hair, but what the hey…



Fantastic job!


Pencils by Joe Mad and inks by Lebeau Underwood who sent me his highres inks to have a play with.

Nothing particularly original about this one. Just did my best to reproduce the published colours, (by…???) though I did make Batman a bit darker, because I think he looks better like that.


It looks like Alex Sinclair (Sinc) did the original colors. There appears to be another version out where Joe Madureira may have done his own rough colors.


Anime style Lady Deadpool!

pencils and inks by Simns Cheng Hoong Wai on artstation.

Gargghh!! What is it about July/August that always seems to put me in a deadspot every single year? I started and gave up on 3 other pictures before finally forcing myself to finish this one. This was a pretty messy low res sketchy kind of picture but with a bit of effort I think I made it work. You can find it here -->



pencils by Mike Turner and inks by Don Ho

My take on the recent DC cover. Original published colours are by Peter Steigerwald.


I really like the Spidey colors in this, Sean.


Convention prints for Brad van Geest. Expect to see them in Australia and the USA via

pencils and inks by Brad van Geest


Pencils by Mike Debalfo and inks by Vitali Iakovlev


Pencils by Guiseppe Cafaro
Inks by James Goodwin

Back when this was to be a cover for Zenescope, they offered it to me for the colours but since I was already busy with another cover for them that month I wasn’t able to squeeze it in by the deadline due to the day job getting in the way (mutters… bloody day job…)

Anyway, I’ve had the lineart sitting on my HDD ever since, so I thought I’d give it a shot on the colours now.



Quite a play with the array of blue! Nice.


Pencils by David Finch
Inks by Carlos Eduardo

It’s been a while between Finch’s for me so I thought it was time to colour another one… :slight_smile:


Pencils by John Royle (draws GI Joe and has drawn Danger Girl)
inks by Vitali Iakovlev

John sent me the highres to have a play with so this is what I came up with… :slight_smile:



pencils and inks by Matt Reynolds - batfish73 on

Fastest colouring EVER!!! - Total elapsed time - 3 minutes, and that included setting the lineart to a channel…!!!


pencils by Joe Benitez
inks by thiantana on deviantart

Overall the inks were pretty sketchy, especially on the flowers, so I just kept the detail basic and bare.


Pencils by Ken Rocafort
Inks by James Goodwin
Colours by Me

A quick and easy one to do


Pencils and inks by: Mico Suayan
Colors by me

I got the lineart off ‘krissthebliss’ on deviantart after I saw he’d had a go at this one and he even sent me his flats which was nice of him and saved heaps of time! :slight_smile: I got the magic circles brushes from ‘nomuh’ on deviantart as well

It’s been a while since I’ve done a picture that had heavy ink washes but it sure makes it easy to colour as you can let the washes do most of the heavy work. Getting the highlights bright enough is mostly the trick to it and then painting over some of the washes with colour holds to lighten things a bit here and there (eg skintones)


pencils by J S Campbell and inks/flats by Jeremiah Skipper

This has sat in my half completed ‘on hold’ folder for about 2 years so I thought I’d better finish it off…


Painkiller Jane

pencils and inks by Garrie Gastonny (aka Garrie Mukhavaran)
colours by me

I got the highres to one off Garrie 8 years ago and with the announcement of a Painkiller Jane movie coming along in a year or so, decided to colour it up… finally!